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    Default Shuttle to Rick's from CSA

    I just read a review on Trip Advisor and someone noted they took a shuttle from CSA to Rick's Cafe. They stated the shuttle left daily at 4pm. To my knowledge there was not one when we were at CSA last Septmber. Is it true that there is a daily shuttle? That would be great! We are returning in 5 weeks and plan to go to Rick's.

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    Don't know if this is the case... seems this trip floats in and out of the discussion, but let me ask... what was the date of that posting on TA? It might be an old one... really old. Unless things have changed, Couples hasn't offered the Rick's excursion in at least two years. If nothing else, we'll be checking this out in October!

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    Hi beach,
    I believe there has always been a shuttle to Rick's. When we were there last October we took the shuttle to Rick's to see the sunset. I believe it left at 4 and brought us back 6:30'ish?
    Ask at the tour desk in the Great House (across from the gift shop) and they'll hook you up. I hope that helps.

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    Yes, you would book the shuttle from the tour desk.

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    Yes it's true. We were there in April and that's what the tour desk lady said. It's 15 dollars per person round trip. You will get hounded for tips if you are near the water so bring small bills. It's very touristy but you can't go to Negril and not see Rick's at least once. It was voted one of the worlds best bars at one time.

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    I wouldn't pay $15 per person for the shuttle. Rick's has always offered free pick-up service at any of the resorts in Negril. All you have to do is call them, tip the driver and pick up a route taxi for the trip back. That way, you can come an go from there anytime you want!

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    We were at CN on 8/6.
    There is a shuttle that takes you to Pushcart to watch the sunset.
    It was fabulous!

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    The taxi drivers or shuttle drivers will usually wait for you so you can leave whenever you want.

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    The taxi drivers will usually wait for you so you can leave whenever you want.

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