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    Default CTI Spa Question!

    We will be there on the 20th and getting married on the 24th. Has anyone gotten there hair done in the spa like an updo for the wedding? Bc we've had a bad experince on a cruse we went on.

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    I had mine done, and it was gorgeous! I also had everyone else who was going to be at my wedding done, and they all looked great too! =) Tracia did a wonderful job. =)

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    We were married at CN last August 25th. I took a few pictures to the spa of what I wanted my hair to look like. I didn't want it to look like any of the pictures exactly, just the general idea. The lady looked at them for a few seconds and got to work. I was a little nervous at that point. It turned out exactly how I wanted. She was great!!

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    I got my hair done at CN for my wedding and they were amazing, i have long thick hair and here it would take at least and hour for an up-do so they when they said they were going to schedule me a half hour slot i was worried. Let me say they do this for a living, bride after bride after bride. She took one look at the pic at went to town, done in a half hour tight as can be, and just like the pic. It was the best up-do ever and my husband LOVED it too. You gotta remember the cruise people probably get a few bride buy way not as many as the couple hair stylist. Hope that eases some of your worries, NO WORRIES MON!

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