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    Default 3 hurricanes lining up

    Anyone on the Island can give any insight on Ana I'm planing to travel Wednesday and she might be on the Island then. Has Couple's mentioned any plans of evacuations?

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    hey jammin, check out the thread below...we've been discussing this too...i think everything is going to work out alright for us since we arrive on tuesday, but with you arriving on wednesday, i would just check with ur airlines. ana is now just a depression, and bill doesn't like like any kind of threat now...hope this helps!

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    I am not on the island, but I do live in the southernmost part of Alabama and am fairly acquainted with tropical systems. It doesn't look at this point like you have much to be worried about. Jamaica is in the southernmost part of the projected storm path and it doesn't look like the storm will have much chance of gaining strength before reaching that area. If it does take more of a southerly track and head for Jamaica, it will likely arrive on Wednesday, so check with your airline for any flight delays or cancellations. Check frequently (you may want to sign up to have your airline email/text you in the event of any cancellation) so that you can quickly rebook before other flights fill up if your flight is cancelled.

    Based on current information, I don't believe any evacuations will be ordered. There will likely be a lot of rain, some gusty winds and some high tides (could make some great pictures!) but nothing that would require guests to leave the island or the resort.

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