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    Wow..where to begin really. Our vacation was about as good as I could imagine a vacation being. From the moment we arrived at CSA, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. From the groundskeepers to the security, everyone always had a smile. The view from our beachfront room was breathtaking. Even now sitting at home, I wish that I could open my curtains and see the warm blue water and the soft sandy beach. There was absolutely not a care in the world there. We felt safe leaving our stuff where ever on the resort without fear of someone messing with it. The security around the beach was great. They gave enough space to let you buy from the few vendors if you wanted to, but where within reach if you did not want them around. The food was excellent...just excellent. I think the Palms was our favorite for any meal. How can you go wrong with a buffet and a live show. I actually think Feathers was our least favorite. The service was good and the atmosphere was elegant, but the food was really no better than at any of the less "requiring" places. We went to Rick's. It was neat and the view was amazing, but it was very touristy and the food was nothing great. Swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Cove Negril was awesome. We had so much fun swimming and playing with the beautiful creatures. We even were brave enough to do the shark encounter. It was all well worth the extra money. The catamaran sunset cruise was a blast. A great laid back time with amazing views and a blast swimming through the caves. Instead of making the 3hr trek to Dunn's falls, we decided to make the closer trip to the Mayfield falls. It was worth every penny. A 2+ hr guided tour up some amazing crystal falls with our own camera man taking shots as we went. We made our lunch order before we started and were welcomed back to a great home cooked meal. Our guide grew up on those falls and really loved what he does. We learned a lot about the natural beauty of the area and had a blast in the water. Really, the only negative I would say about our trip might have been the 2 hour shopping trip. Both stops had 10-20 tourist shops filled with basically the same stuff and 1 hour at each stop was hardly enough time to really enjoy looking around. Two very surprising facts about the shopping trip: Most of the vendors at the shopping areas were Indian (from India) and most of the shops were no cheaper or diverse than the gift shops at the resort. We did both day and night snorkeling. Day snorkeling was amazing. We have a photographer along with us and got some great shots. I love the night dive but my wife was not as big of a fan of it. If you love this type of activity I would bring your own mask that has been fit to your face. I managed with my mask but my wife ended up fighting with hers most of the night dive and it really ruined the fun for her. Tons more creatures come out at night...from octopus and lobster to crazy eels and water snakes. We did para-sailing witch gave us an amazing view of the land and of the ocean. We took off from the boat and landed on the boat...never getting wet. The bar staff was excellent. Tashell and Ruel were the best. We all has so much fun trying whatever drinks they decided to make for us. They work at the bars at the south side of the if you like to drink and have a great time, fine one of those two. They put the "LOVE" in the drinks. The cushions on the beach chairs made great floats out in the water. I could (and did) lay there floating in the calm crystal clear blue water for hours. It rained a little more than I would have liked, but I am from Texas, so I could hardly complain about a few hours of rain. I was worried before I went that I would get bored after a week at the resort and run out of stuff to do...boy was I dead wrong. As soon as you arrive, all of your worries fade away and you are left in the perfect state of bliss. Almost like a child without a care in the world.

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    Awesome review. CSA is the best. Glad you had a good time.

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    Great review and thank you for sharing it!! We'll be at CSA for the first time 12/9/12 so we got a while before we get to experience it all but I know it will be worth the wait!!

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    Nice review jbeaver and welcome to the Couples family! Hey Soonerfans, we'll be at CSA from Dec 3rd to the 10th so we'll make sure they're mixing Hummingbirds just right for your arrival. This Thursday we hit the 100 day countdown and the anticipation is making me crazy already.

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    I miss it Was there in July and want to go back.

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    Thanks for your review!

    Question for you, where were the 2 stops for shopping? I'm guessing the first was at Times Square...
    CSA - May 2007
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    Default Great review

    Been to CSA twice now and didnt do half of the stuff you talked about. Great review very insiteful. Just goes to show everyone has different oppinions I didnt care for the palms and loved feathers. Just goes to show that couples accomodates all..

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    What room type did you book Jbeav?

    Our fav restaurant was Patois Patio...
    I wish they would change Feathers into Caribbean fine dining
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