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    Just wondering if anyone as gone on the Bicycle Adventure in the Blue Mountains tour from Ocho Rios? Is it as much fun as it looks?

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    We took the tour several years ago and loved it! The worst part is the trip up the mountain, takes quite awhile and it's an all-day tour, but worth it. You go up the mountain on a bus and come down on bicycles with stops along the way for picture taking and one for a dip in a waterfall. It's very beautiful. The bus follows along so if anyone doesn't want to ride a bike, they can ride on the bus. Also, about half way up the mountain, there is a restaurant where you are treated to breakfast and of course, blue mountain coffee. Oh, and take a jacket, cause it's sure to shower in the rain forest.

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    Hubby and I did an 18 mile bike ride in the Blue Mountains in 2001 when we were there for our honeymoon from Ochos Rios. If it's the same tour, it was the highlight of our trip. I had ridden a bike since I was 12 (oh about 14 years earlier than I was!), but had no problems with the bike.

    The ride to the Blue Mountains was nice. Saw more of the island (which I liked) and the tour driver chatted about what we were seeing. Once there, we had a little bike safety lesson before heading up to where the bikes were. They are not professional bikes, but they were sturdy and they worked. They make you wear a helmet, which I had never done before. LOL!

    The ride itself gorgeous! The mountains are amazing! It's a very easy going ride, not a race at all. Go at your own pace, which for hubby and I was pretty close to the end of the line. You are riding on mountainous roads where cars are, so you need to pay attention. The leader stopped a couple times for photo ops and took the photo of any couple who wanted it. At the halfway point, you stop where you had your bike orientation for lunch (I can't remember what we had, sorry!). I do remember at one point on the way down we were all given pieces of sugar cane, which was AMAZING. To this day I wish I knew where I could get some. LOL!

    At the end of the tour, they stopped at a place with a pond and waterfall for anyone who wished to swim. I did not, hubby did. You could also purchase a drink there from a little stand. I will say, we went in December and while it was really nice temperature wise overall, after getting out of the water and into the air-conditioned bus, hubby almost regretted the swim.

    It really was one of our favorite memories from our honeymoon and we framed the photo of us on our bikes. If you're considering it, I would say go for it! You might be sore the next day (I sure was!), but it was totally worth the price (financially and physically).

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