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    Default SSB -Oct. 2---9---11---anyone know about body painting?

    We will be going to SSB in Oct. this year and on a visit to Sans Souci last year we heard about there being body painting at SSB in the past years. Anyone ever hear about this or how we may set something up? thanks John & Marla---------------see you in October

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    There was a day of body painting when we were there last January, one of the guests brought enough paint for everyone. But I was told that couples frowns on it because of some past instances where sheets and things were ruined by the paint. I don't know if that is true. Randymon, can you give us the official Couples stance on this?

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    We've been to CSS 4x (& GLSS 2x) & haven't seen body painting at the resort since it was a Grand Lido resort. Maybe they still do it, but just not the weeks we've been there....


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    Haven't heard of it being done for a few years now. At least it wasn't happening our last three trips in July. If I recall correctly, it had been "cancelled" due to "others" being offended. I did have a lot of rum on our last trip. So the story goes, a few people painted on bathing suits and went over to the main textile pool and offended the "prudes" so they decided not to do the body painting anymore. Now I do believe that you can bring your own but it will not be provided by the staff. If you do, please be respectful of others and have fun. Maybe Randymon can provide more details on this.
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    We do it every year when we go to SSB. Last year we heard they frown upon it because it can stain the towels. I'm not sure if there's truth to that, but be considerate. Those white towels probably do stain easily! It's really a fun thing to do!

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    Thanks krazykeith, but I guess we would have to bring our own paints? thanks

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    Yes, you're best off bringing your own paints and brushes. In the past the activities people have sometimes brought over poster paint, but that isn't very good for painting on skin. I usually bring makeup-type paint called "Magicake Palette" (google it for details). It's actually stage makeup, and since it's made for skin it works nicely, and washes off pretty easily with soap. Plus, it's not liquid so I can bring it in my carry-on. It's really amazing what can be done with a little paint!

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    We were there in April of 2009 and were very impressed by the body painting. I think we have told all of our friends that weren't there that day, they really missed a treat. The individual that did the painting was delivered by helicopter in the clearing between the pond and SSB. We stayed all day!

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    It would be great to have a professional come out there for a day! It's fun to do it yourself, but I've seen some incredible designs done by artists!

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    Have you ever seen the ones done at Fantasy Fest in Key West? They are unbelievable.
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    I've seen pictures, but it would be fun to see them in person. It is just amazing.

    It's a lot of fun to see how creative people get when they're out on SSB too.

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    We were there in Feb. and the day after the Lingere show there was body paining, looked fun, but we did not participate, just watched the fun!

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    We used to live in Key West. Fantasy Fest is a trip!!!! And yes, the body painting is phenomenal!!! Some are literally works of art (although some others are a bit skanky.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by holster View Post
    We were there in Feb. and the day after the Lingere show there was body paining, looked fun, but we did not participate, just watched the fun!
    When do they have rhe lingere shows? And what is it?

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    There is a lingere fashion show after the "special" dinner for Valentines Day,
    It was really neat, they had a few of the staff involved (Kaydian was great!) It was alot of fun,
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    So, Valentine's is the only time they do this?

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    I dont think it was the resort that did it, I think it was a private group of people that brought the stuff.

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    any updates

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    We did body painting in 2009 but not last year when we went in August. We also used to do rock painting and then everyone placed their rocks in a "rock garden" over by the bushes near the restrooms - I think they were lost in the hurricane a few years ago.

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    We have only been at CSS once during Valentine's...2010...and they had the lingerie fashion show and martini stations set up. They also had a special photo backdrop and they gave all of the ladies a rose at dinner. It was nicely done. That year, the show was presented by a designer from Canada and they had some of their models with them, as well as the staff participating. We were a little surprised, as that was our first trip to CSS and had not read anything about it, but we have returned every year since then...just not that time of year.

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