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    Default CSA Trip Review (Aug.2011)

    Just got back from a week at CSA for my honeymoon. Wow, what a great trip. I had been to CTI about 6 years ago (before all the renovations), but IMO, CSA was much better.

    I will try to post as much as I can remember here, but if you have specific questions, post them and I will try to answer.

    We were in 1130, a beachfront suite. I loved the location of this room because it was very near the watersports hut, Seagrapes, the Palms, etc but it was just secluded enough so that our patio had some privacy. The resort feels like it has two distinct sides to it...the Lemongrass/Palms/MainPool, watersports area and at the complete other side is swim up bar, Patois, Feathers, etc. Since my wife and I were diving everyday, it was very nice to be close to the scuba hut.

    The rooms were very comfortable. One thing I didn't know (maybe it was just our room). The wall of windows and shutters at the head of the bed had no glass in the windows. Just the big wooden shutters and a screen outside. That meant we had to shut the shutters at all time to keep as much AC in as we could. The room got plenty cold in evening at night. However, one issue we had was the noise of the tree frigs at night. With no glass, it sounded like all those frogs were in bed with us. Take ear plugs.

    Bathrooms had really everything you need except for conditioner. Shower had shampoo and body wash. Bathroom had aloe and moisturizer and (yes, ladies) a hairdryer. One thing I didn't realize is that the wall separating the bathroom from room doesn't go all the way to ceiling. It stops a couple of feet short, which is probably just so AC can get to bathroom. Wasn't a big deal, just thought I'd mention it.

    We ordered coffee and pastries in the room most mornings and they delivered it to our patio, which was great.


    There are so many places to choose from. We preferred Feathers to Lemongrass, but that's just a personal preference. Make sure to make reservations at those two when you arrive. You can only have one reservation at a time, so you can't make a second reservation at Feathers until after you dine there on your first.

    We always ate breakfast at Palms, but someone told us the breakfast at Patois was even better. Seagrapes was a nice relaxing place to eat. Their sweet potato chips and dips were a favorite of everyone around there. We ate once at the Cabana Grill. I thought the Jerk Chicken wasn't very jerky.

    Feathers was very good and portions are small-ish, which means you can get more courses. We'd each have an appetizer, salad, soup, main dish and dessert and weren't overstuffed.


    The piano player, Ultimate Chocolate, was a lot of fun. He didn't start until 9pm thought...wish he'd started earlier.The disco on Retro night was a lot of fun and the dance floor was packed.

    The bonfire on the beach was very relaxing. Mellow music drinks...just chilling. Felt bad for the poor guy trying to keep the bonfire going though. The wood wasn't really cooperating.

    Dinner on the Beach was quite a spread but once you go to the table, you couldn't see anything on your plate. Needed some candles or something on each table.

    There was live music at the Palms most nights also, but we didn't go much. Early wake up for diving.


    The beach was very nice...much better than beach at CTI. Never felt crowded since there is lots of room to stretch out. I like that the chair cushions are also floaties. Straight from chair to water in no time.

    Plenty of watersports stuff to do. Kayaks, Hobie Catamarans, windsurfing, wakeboarding/waterskiing. We also did the booze cruise and the night snorkel (recommend both). Of course, jet skis and parasailing are always available from the non-resort guys whenever you want.

    My wife and I both went diving almost everyday and had a great time. The guys at the scuba hut were first-class all the way...and lots of fun. My wife had a 6.5 ft nurse shark swim around her and I had a sea turtle almost run into me. Lots of stingrays, lobster and other fish.


    Wife had a massage and said that whole area across the road was almost empty. If you want a place where it really feels like you are the only ones there, go there.

    What have I forgotten to mention?

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    Thanks (thenewguy)!

    We are going to CSA for new years and this kind of review is great to read. My wife is a gym addict so I will probably one of the few people on the other side of the road using the stuff there

    Thanks again! Im glad you had a great time!

    Scott and Angela

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    OMG sounds sooooo great!!! We're not going to CSA for the first time until 12/9/12 which can be a downer but oh well the more I read on this message board, I really feel like I've already been there! I did learn a few things from your review so I am thankful that you did it!! Congrats on the wedding!!!

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