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    Default One week from today...

    Wooohooooo - just one week from today we will be on our way to CSA for 6 glorious nights!! Staying in the BFVS...any suggestions on what's better to request once we get there...the ground floor or the top 3rd floor? We have never been to CSA but have been to Negril and Sans Souci....

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    Once you get there you should request a corner room. If you want privacy, go for a third floor room. If you want to be able to go in and out of your verandah door, then see if they have a first floor room. The corner rooms give you more natural light because of the windows behind the bed. Also, your verandah is open on two sides if you have a corner room.

    You are going to love CSA. Make sure to check out the Martini Bar at night and the sports complex across the street during the day. I'm really excited for you and wish we were going back this year, but we have to wait until 2013. Enjoy! CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    Congrats and now you have less then one week! woohooooo!!! I'm excited for you guys! We have picked CSA to get married at but not till 12/12/12 and we both know we want the corner bottom floor! We want the access of walking out the verandah door and heck talking to people as they walk by! Have a great time!!!

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    ya mon, have a great trip, make sure you say hi to ray bell, the t shirt guy down by water sports, one love

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