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    Default Anyone uses Carribean Airlines out of JFK?

    American Airlines cancelled our 11:40am arrival flight to MBJ and replaced it with a 4:20pm flight but the first leg of the trip still has us departing in Hartford at 5:45am with a 6 hr layover in Miamai!! Thanks but No Thanks...CANCELLED! So Ive been looking around and have found Carribean Air departs JFK in NYC at 5:50am with a 9:35am arrival (nonstop flight). Has anyone done this flight and if so how was it? Any cancellations, Delays or anything else? It is cheaper than my other flights but I am 3 hrs from jfk and would travel to NY the day before and get a room just outside the airport. That doesnt bother us at all as long as the flight goes off with out any further problems. Sounds almost too good to be true: Landing in Jamaica at 9:35am So if anyone has done this or has any input I would really appreciate it.. We live half way between Boston and Hartford and neither one has a good early flight. Thanks, Nowa

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    You could try Air Tran out of Boston. Our TA found this flight after AA changed and cancelled our flights 3 times. We fly out of Boston at 6:00 am and land in MBJ at 11:40 am and it was cheaper than AA. It does layover in Miami but not for long. I don't know when your flight was but ours is in Oct. this year. Good luck!

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    I live in N.Y.C and this flight works out realy great,you got to get up early,but by 11am your on the beach...I used this flight in march to go to css and july csa. and 2 times last year.(.no problem mon)..your like the first plane in MBJ no line at all...first one in the couple's like everyone waiting for you. and the flight was problem free.cheeper than some others,hey they even give you some real i say go for it.....if you do let me know how it work out.....p.s just make sure you go direct to MBJ, not to kingston..have a great vacation

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    I will be taking this flight when I go in May. My travel agent has used it several times herself with no problems. I couldn't find any better flight than this as far as the price, free checked bags, and no layovers.

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    Trouble that sounds awesome! Our TA has us booked on that flight this Dec. 3rd (my birthday). We live north of NYC in Dutchess County so we'll be getting up super early but I can't wait to be at CSA on 7 Mile Beach with a hummingbird in my hand before lunch. Yeah Baby! Hey and don't forget that the return flight doesn't leave MBJ until after 7pm so you can spend most of the day at CSA before leaving for the airport. It just doesn't get any better than that...

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    This used to be Air Jamaica. They were running smoothly until the first of July when Caribbean Air 'officially' took over. They laid off 50% of the employees and had serious systems problems. NYC was hit the hardest. I would check CAREFULLY to see if they have been able to get their stuff together before making that leap of faith!! CA had no issues with the turn over in Philly.

    Air Tran is a good option. We are flying them tomorrow out of BWI.

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    We live in Westchester, New York, and have taken this flight numerous times. We've never had a problem. We always fly from MoBay into Negril, so what we've typically done is sleep on the plane from JFK to MBJ, fly into Negril, and then enjoy a late-morning breakfast at CN. It's so nice to arrive so early in the day.
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    I used it in March and it was a great flight. The early arrival and having no lines at the airport was such a plus. Our return flight was at 6PM which allowed for extra beach time on the last day!

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    We have yet to use Carribean Air since they took over Air Jamaica in June. We have used Air Jamaica 7 times and we really like them. Using them in Dec. I love that we leave at JFK at 5:50 and land by 9:30. Only the AJ flight from Philly is arriving at the same time. We were in and out of the MBJ airport in no time. My girlfriend used Carribean Air this summer and said you would never know it was not AJ. The flight coming home is also great as it leaves at 7:10 (in Dec) so we don't leave CN till after 2:30. We have most of teh day on teh beach. Enjoy!

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    This is the former Air Jamaica fight out of JFK. We have used it 3 times prior because of time schedule and price. Nothing but positive for us. Gets you into MBJ early in the morning, direct flight and the return flight leave late in the day to return home and allows you a good part of the day to spend on the beach

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    Ok I booked our flight for Jan 7th at 5:50am on carribean air!! We will spend the night before at a hotel close to the airport and have breakfast at CN on the 7th. Thanks for the replies.

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    Steveg52...........hummingbird on the beach, before lunch.. thats a good birthday..enjoy.

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    Yess we too fly oft of JFK on the earrly AM flight. So easy getting through immigration & customs at that hor and at Cti before lunch. We live in NJ ( an hour and a half away), drive into ny the night before and stay at the JFK airport hotel.
    Hotel room and 8 days parking for $247.00.
    For us it is worth it.

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    Hi we've used that flight before with no problems. If you are still thinking about a hotel,we recomend the stay and park web site .You pay for a room either the night before or thew night after your trip and leave your car at the hotel. It works out a little better then leaving your house in the middle of the night and worrying about traffic and weather going in to JFK.The shuttle bus takes you right to the terminal. the cost works out to be a little more thanlong term parking but I think the car is safer there. the hotels are very good with a pool and a lounge and a resturant check it out it might work for you too
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    We will be flying back into Hartford on the return trip so we wont be leaving a car at JFK. Thanks for the replies though..

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