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    Default Arriving before Check-in? + General CSS Questions...

    Hello! My wife and I are planning our second trip to Couples (we stayed at CN last Spring), and we are pretty set on going to CSS. I am looking at flights in April and I have found a few red eyes that are inexpensive (comparably) and have short layovers - the thing is we would get into MBJ around 9:45a. I know with getting through customs, spending time in the lounge, and driving to the resort we probably wouldn't arrive until at least noon, so I'm wondering what would happen if we arrive before check-in? Would they just hold our bags and we could spend time on the resort, maybe grabbing lunch?

    I want to maximize our time at the resort on our fly-in day as we are coming from California, so a red-eye arriving early on our first day is our preference. Just wondering if we may need to arrive closer to check-in though.

    Other general questions:

    1) Do they offer night snorkeling at CSS?
    2) How does the spa facilities at CSS compare to CN?
    3) For the beachfront one bedroom suites, how large is the indoor jacuzzi tub?
    4) Is the glass bottom boat tour any different from what is offered at CN? I mean, is it any more elaborate?

    Thanks for the input!

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    I can't give you comparisons to CN quite yet, our trip is booked in February, however, I can give you some CSS insights!
    First, try not to compare the resorts. I keep telling myself that and you will read it all over the message board. Each resort has its own character, but the Couples service and quality will still be there.

    With an arrival at MBJ at 9:45am,you are right, you should be arriving at CSS just about 12:30-1pm. Make sure you have a change of comfy Jamaica- R&R clothes in your carry-on or easy to get out of your luggage, and maybe even a swimsuit. Once you get to CSS, they will make sure your luggage gets to your room and you can just start enjoying yourselves. Head down to the Beach Bar, get a Drink-of-the-Day, some lunch and start to unwind!
    There is night snorkeling at CSS, but we've not participated. It is an extra fee. The guys at watersports are crazy fun, so I am sure it would be an adventure!
    I LOVE the spa facilities at CSS and am worried that CN won't compare! It is like walking through a rain forest to your own private cabana with ocean views and sounds surrounding you. The massage services are fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the wraps. The facials were ok and I haven't utilized primary beauty services (hair, nails, makeup).
    The glass bottom boat tour is pretty to the point, but enjoyable. I am guessing it isn't any more elaborate than the CN offering. We waterskied and that was a blast. You can learn to sail the small catamarans quickly and easily or just take rides on the big boat. Lots of watersports fun and the beach and ocean are very easy to navigate since it is completely private.
    Beachfront suites - ours was on the first floor in Block A and the indoor jacuzzi was definitely large enough for 2. We just didn't use it. The shower in our room was a little small, but the sink area was huge. Our first trip to CSS we were upgraded to BF Suite, and while we found that the rooms are spacious and close the beach, we really love the views from the Oceanview 1BR on the opposite side of the resort. I preferred the outdoor jacuzzis by the pool, on sunset beach and by the mineral pool.
    Hope this all helps!

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    I can only reply to some of your questions. We arrive in Jamaica at 8:30 AM. We are at Couples before lunch. We pack beach necessities in our carryon so we can change and go to the beach and have lunch while waiting for our room. We have never had to wait more than an hour for our room to be ready. You will officially check-in upon your arrival at Couples. You have full use of the facilities while waiting for your room.
    1) I don't know about the night snorkeling at CSS.
    2) The spa at CSS is wonderful. They have huts that sit out by the water on the cliffs and you can hear the water rushing over the rocks. It is mentally as well as physically stimulating.
    3) The beachfront jacuzzi tub is a nice size.
    4) We have never been on the glass bottom boat. We just go snorkeling.
    I'm sure there are others who will respond to your questions. You will love CSS. We have been to CN 3x, CTI 2x and next April will be our 3rd trip to CSS. We are going April 13-21. What dates are you thinking about? Maybe we will see you there.

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    Hello! We arrived a few hours before check-in and were encouraged by the lobby staff to go have lunch. Just ask for a resort map and you'll be set to begin your vacation early. Our luggage was held in the lobby and then delivered to our room when it was ready. You may want to consider what you wear or bring in a small bag, as I was a bit unprepared to enjoy the beach in jeans and a sweater!

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    they will hold your bags and you'll have free run of the resort. Make sure you have things you need in your carryon or easily accessible in your checked bags, swim suits, shorts, sandals, cigars. Everything else will be taken care of for you.

    1) I believe they do
    2) dunno, never been to cn
    3) large enough for 2 normal sized people
    4) never been to cn

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! We're actually opting to fly in at 10:45a on a different airline, but I figure we'll just take the advice, pack some swim gear, and enjoy the beach until the room is ready!

    I loved the night snorkeling at CN even though it was really intimidating to get in the water - I did end up getting stung by a jelly fish on my arm, but I'd do it again for the thrill! I noticed from the pictures it looks like there are more reefs immediately off the beach at CSS (compared to CN) - hope that means more interesting sea life!

    As for the spa facilities, I was a little underwhelmed by the setting at CN, so I was just wondering if CSS was a little more scenic; either way a massage is always welcome.

    We're tentatively staying August 21-28 (gotta finalize with my travel agent), so I think we'll just barely miss you guys (BreandandBruce).

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    Ah...jellyfish. Not fun! Purchase and wear a dive skin (rash guard)! They're not that expensive.

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