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    Default Pelican Bar/YS Falls Tour

    Can anyone recommend a reputable vendor for the YS Falls/Pelican Bar excursion? How much can we expect to pay?

    Heading to Couples Negril in 7 days!


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    Email me @ mandolin dot jeff at gmail dot com. I don't think we can recommend outside vendors on this board. The tour desk can also do a very good job of setting this up for you. But Jamaica is a very personable place, and I think setting these things up on my own is a really enjoyable part of the process.

    We go just to the Pelican bar and it is about $40 a head (group of 5) for the land transportation and ten $ each for the boat ride. You will need to tip also. YS falls has an admission fee too. Most of the private tour operators can give you a firm lump sum price for your group where they take care of all the admission fees. All you have to do is cover drink-food-tips souvenirs while out ion the road

    Almost all the private tour folks are VERY good at their jobs. Better than anywhere else I've been. It is not just a guy with van normally. You get a real guide with lots of personal connections at/to the places you will be visiting.

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    I'd suggest checking online for tour operators in Jamaica or Negril.

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