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    Default Romance rewards: pre-checkin

    We are less than six weeks out from our return visit to CSA for our one year anniversary and as you can imagine we are getting antsy (we booked right after we returned from our honeymoon!). How far in advance can you pre-checkin as part of the romance rewards? I signed in and it appears I can fill everything out now however I want to make sure I am not to early and will cause issues.

    We CANNOT wait for our return to paradise!

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    We check in 7 - 10 days in advance of our arrival.

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    Three days will work!

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    You shouldn't pre-check in too early. They say3-7 days before your trip.

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    About one and a half to two weeks before your arrival works good.

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    the web site suggests a minimum of 3 days. We usually try to do it a week in advance and they have everything ready when we get there. We fly Caribbean Air out of Philadelphia and are usually at the resort by 10:30A and they are ready for us.
    If you register to early they may lose it for you. Things Happen.

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    You're not too early... We'll be right behind you (mid-October), and will be doing our pre-checkin soon....

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