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    Default Swimsuits at CSS?

    We'll be heading to CSS in about 19 days...yea, mon! I'm in the packing plan stage and wondered how many swimsuits would be needed for a week stay if we plan to spend most of our time at Sunset Beach. Would the AN beach lovers please offer advice?

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    You only need one...... thats only if you want to use any of the water sports at the other beach. I have taken up to three and never needed them. Save the luggage space. Happy traveling!

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    If you swim exclusively at SSB, you'll still need to have something on when you walk over to that area and then return to the main area of the resort. We are heading to CSS-SSB this month and I would think my wife is packing about 4 suits for each of us. As much as I enjoy the freedom of AN, I also love the idea of never having a wet swimsuit. Don't forget, if you are going on any excursions, taking scuba lessons, kayaking, snorkeling sailing, etc., you will need a swimsuit for that. Have a great vacation!

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    My guess is 0.

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    That's an easy one.....NONE!!!!

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    I only bring 2 suits and we go for a bit longer than a week, usually 2 but our last was even longer. The only reason I bring a suit at all is for the scuba diving, to wear under my wetsuit and also, if it rains then I'll have something to wear to get to SSB.

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    Personally I pack a swim suit a day - have collected way too many over the years so it gives me a chance to wear them and they don't take up much room in the suitcase and don't wrinkle so why not?


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    It depends on what you plan on wearing on the walk to the beach. The previous couple of years I would wear a suit, so I brought 3 2-piece suites that were interchangeable. This year I am planning to wear a sundress that I would have used for a coverup, so I am only going to bring 1 maybe 2 for "just in case" situations. You also will need a suit if you are doing the Dunns River Falls trip, and they do take a while to dry.

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    Sunset Beach, then zero..... Well maybe 1 to get you there and back

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    We are in the same boat. We leave in 12 days and are trying to figure out how many to bring as well. Being at SSB most of the time means a few less (obviously), but still not sure on how many for the other days/activities we will be there. We are saying one suit for every three days we are there - we are there for 9 days. That gives it a good rotation still... especially considering most of the time will be in the birthday suit :-)

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    Hi Kathy,
    I took 3 swimsuits for our 8 day stay, since I was only in a suit for the walk from our room to SSB. No worries--since your suit will never get wet!

    Have a great trip!

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    Maybe two at the most. We have been going to CSS for the last two years and spend all our time at CSS and I take only 2 bathing suits and 2 cover ups. My husband thinks that is too many but just in case one gets wet I have a dry one for the next day. I mean how long are you going to have it on each day!?

    No worries!!!!!!


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    We arrive on the 11th.....about 27 more days for us!

    I take 4-5 swimsuits and 2-3 cover-ups. I don't usually wear them all, but I have them if needed (and they don't take up much room!)

    Hubby takes 3-4 swimsuits and usually wears them all.

    (Sometimes they don't even get wet )
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    I usually bring at least 5 bathing suits with me but in reality, if you are going to spend most of your time at SSB, I think 2 would be fine!!

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    Default re: Swimsuits at CSS?

    We got along just fine with one suit for each of us...It really depends on how much of a fashionista that you want to be Folks typically show up at SSB in a very casual manner...

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    My wife takes three or four. You may need one when you go to the grill with a cover up or may spend some time on the regulr beach for some reason. (Not likely). Also if you do any water activities you will need one. Wish we were going. Just left three weeks ago.

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    We were at CSS 6 days and spent every day on SSB. I took two swimsuits to wear to the mineral pool in the afternoons. Enjoy!!!

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    Him - 2
    Her - 3 or 4

    That's what we take and its more than enough. We do spend time in the 'other' pools and do trading places.
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    one should do it

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    At CSS now have been on the AN beach for a week and the wife has packed 10 swimsuits but has not used any yet.......

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    Clearly not many if you are mostly at sunset beach! ;-) Enjoy the vacation and save some Bob Marleys for us in November!

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    Thanks for all the advice. I'm like ASS and have more swimsuits than common sense (me, not ASS). I plan to wear shorts when we go to breakfast or participate in other activities, so that is what I'll have on when we go to SSB. We do want to spend some time in the mineral pool, so I think I'll bring one swimsuit. That will leave extra room in the suitcase for all my purchases. I appear to be buying Jamaica one piece at a time.
    johnniem, I will have several Bob Marleys in your honor. It's one of my favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathymjollie View Post
    We'll be heading to CSS in about 19 days...yea, mon! I'm in the packing plan stage and wondered how many swimsuits would be needed for a week stay if we plan to spend most of our time at Sunset Beach. Would the AN beach lovers please offer advice?

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    Take two. Probably won't get wet or dirty though. Nice thing about AN.

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