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    Default April 2012 Picture Thread

    We had a picture thread for our return trip to CN this year and it worked great! We met alot of wonderful people on the thread and we even had couples that had recognized us from the thread stop us to say "Hi" as they had seen our picture on the thread.

    Names: Bruce and Brenda
    Dates: Arrival 04/13/12 8:30A
    Depart 04/21/12 5:30P
    Flights: Caribbean Air 44 out of PHL, and Return Caribbean Air 45
    Trips: CTI 2
    CN 3
    CSS 3 Counting 2012
    Home: Harleysville PA.
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    Hello Bruce and Brenda : Moving this post up since it is now 100 day countdown. I started a April photo post last year and got good response. Come on April couples join in. We will post our photo as soon as one of our kids who knows how to do it gets to it. Looking forward to trip # 3 to CSS and trip # 10 to Couples resorts. Dave and Linda

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    Names: Matt and Jacklyn
    Ages: 41 and 21 + a couple years experiance
    How many times to CSS: first visit to CSS and to Jamaica
    Trip dates: March 28-April 9
    Room type: Beachfront Suite
    Reason for trip: 20 year anniversary going on forever
    Where we're from: SW Montana a town of about 400 people
    What you're looking forward to most: Oh my where to begin? Relaxation, Beach, Fun, Sun, Time alone with honey, New friends, Food, Drinks....Hubby is excited about scuba. I can't wait to go 4 wheeling in Jamacia! Ugh, can we go bout now????
    Will you go A/N during trip: I'm on the fence and my honey thinks he would hate it? Perhaps we'll be able to after some liquid courage???
    Drink you're looking forward to: I'm thinking I'd like to do the taste the rainbow day. I'll start with a red bloody mary in the AM.
    Kids: 2 kiddos 18 and 16
    Pets: 3 dogs, 1 cat and a few fish
    Level of excitement: 82 days away and I'm already packed!

    Name:  4th of july 09 011.jpg
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    Names: Shawn and Tracy
    Ages: 43 and 36
    How many times to CSS: first visit to CSS and to Jamaica
    Trip dates: April 1- April 5
    Room type: One bedroom Oceanview
    Reason for trip: Because its Jamaica!!!!
    Where we're from: Zachary Louisiana
    What you're looking forward to most: We are looking forward to it all
    Will you go A/N during trip: I think we will see if we are into it. Hard to say till we get there since we've never done it.
    Drink you're looking forward to: Mojito
    Kids: 17, 15, 12, 5
    Pets: 2 dogs, 1 cat and a fish

    Sorry to have stolen your format mjleber, but i liked it

    By the way, I'm still trying to figure out how Tracy got twisted into that position to get her foot in the picture.....Name:  photo.jpg
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    Andrea and Allen
    Ages 37 and 45
    Not married
    Andrea first trip out of the country, Allen's 6th trip to Jamaica
    Trip Dates: April 14 - 22
    From: Lexington, Kentucky
    Au Natural: Allen-no issues, Andrea-not in this lifetime (lol)
    Drinks looking forward to? Dirty Banana, Bob Marley and LOTS OF RED STRIPE
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    Names: Dave and Linda
    Dates: Arrival 04/12/2012 11:30am
    Depart: 04/19/2012 5:30pm
    Trips: COR/CTI -7
    CSS- 3 (counting 2012)
    Home: Salem Ma. ( witchcraft capital of the world)Name:  post 2.jpg
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    Mark & Sue
    Arriving: 4/12/12
    Departing: 4/19/12
    Trips: CN 3 times 1st time at CSS
    Name:  sue,me & bob.jpg
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    This Picture was used to draw the picture above. It was taken while at dinner at CN. There was an artist at CN that did it for us.

    Name:  sue and i in heliconia.jpg
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    Shawn and Tracy looks like we'll be there at the same time. Can't wait to meet you both! Perhaps Matt and I will buy you two a drink and Tracy can explain to me how she got so flexible. lol! We're you two planning to do any outside excursions?
    Ugh, I can't wait Hubby and I are down to 39 days!!!!

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    Hi Jacklyn and Matt. We haven't planned on anything other than what is offered on site. Probably diving and Dunn's river for sure. We are thinking we may like to get over to CTI for a day to check it out but haven't decided for sure yet, especially with our short visit.

    We land in MoBay just before noon on the 1st, so should be at the resort by 2:00 I'm guessing. Since you guys will have everything figured out by the time we get there, yall can show us the ropes....

    Find Tracy on Facebook and friend her. Tracy Belgard Parker in Louisiana

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    Names: Jaimie & Mike
    Ages: both of us are 31
    How many times to CSS: first visit to CSS and to Jamaica
    Trip dates: April 22-27
    Room type: Beachfront
    Reason for trip: Our honeymoon - we're getting married on April 20th
    Where we're from: Colorado Springs, CO
    What you're looking forward to most: Everything - we're so excited to get away from it all!
    Will you go A/N during trip: probably not...but we'll see
    Drink you're looking forward to: Pina Colada
    Kids: not yet
    Pets: 1 dog

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    Todd & Linda
    CSS x 6
    Arriving :April12-19th
    Married @ CSS 3.19.2009
    From: Bettendorf,Iowa
    Drink: Easton's -Perfect Happiness Name:  CSS 2011.jpg
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    Todd & Linda
    April 2008, March 2009, April 2010, Oct 2010, April 2011, April 2012, April 2013, April 2014

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    Hi Kids,
    Hope you remember us. Crazy Tom and Cheryl. We are coming back this year 4/9-4/16. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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    Hello Tom and Cheryl: Dennie told us you would be coming this year this is kinda why we booked our dates a little early. We might regret this later LOL. We arrive late afternoon on the 12th so we will see you guys at the Manager get together that nite and of course at SSB on Fri. Do you still have your shot glass from 2 years ago or did Jennall take it away from you. Looking forward to seeing you guys again Dave and Linda

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    Names: Chris and Carol
    Dates: Arrival 04/20/12
    Depart 04/28/12
    Trips: CSA 2011
    Home: Saint John, new Brunswick, Canada

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    Names: Michael and Monica
    Dates: Arrival 04/09/12
    Depart 04/15/12
    Trips: CN - '05 & '06, CSS '08 & '10, CTI '09
    Home: Windermere (close to Orlando), FL

    Name:  IMG_0215[1].jpg
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    See you on SSB.
    * Please forgive any errors that you might find in the above post. All errors are a direct result of (1) too many drinks (2) the missing brain cells caused by years of abusing these above referenced drinks (3) the iniability to spell or write anything without the use of spell check or (4) the complete lack of knowledge of proper english grammer and sentence structure.

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    Names: Paul & Karen
    Dates: Arrive - 31 March
    Depart - 9 April
    Trips: CSA 2009, 2010, CSS 2010 x 2, 2011 x 1, 2012 x 1 (2nd in April)
    Home: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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    Names: Paul and Lisa
    Dates: Arrival 4/15/12
    Depart 4/22/12
    Trips: CSS - 4/11
    Home: Maine

    Name:  Couples.jpg
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    Len & Tracy
    April 15 - 19
    CSA 4 x's, CTI 1 x

    Name:  Repeaters Party1.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0071.jpg
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    Norm and Kim
    April 16-23
    Ages : old enough
    Not married but married!
    Second trip CSS , once to CN
    Just plain ready for R/R and a rum punch or three!

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    Name:  Jamaica08.jpg
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    Eric & June
    From: Oklahoma City
    Arrive: April 16th
    Depart: April 21st
    Trips: '08 CSS (Married there), '09 CTI/CSS, '10 CSA/CSS, '11 CSA/CN
    Coming home for our anniversary!!!

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