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    OK, so my wedding is less than Three weeks away at CSA! I have nearly everything ready except my pictures. I guess I'm confused. I can pay to bring an outside photographer or use a resorts? Does anyone know which is better pricewise and who is the best photographer? I'd like to spend less than 800 but I want as many pics as I can get. Are the resort photographers good and are they patient or just trying to get the pics overwith? I have been so busy getting excited that I thought the pictures wouldn't be a worry but now I'm panicked. HELP! :-)

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    i haven't gotten married yet or anything or ever been to couples but i can tell you what i've learned from hours and horus of reading through message boards and emailing photographers down there. I had about 1200 to spend on pictures and couldn't find any outside photographers that i could afford . many of their packages start at around 900-1000 but then you have to add in the resort vendors fee of 500 making them about 1400. I may have missed somebody somewhere but because of my small budget I have to go with the resort photographer. Its 650 for a video of the ceremony, and 36 pictures then 7 dollars a picture after that. you get them all unedited on a disc. i'm picking out poses and picutres i want from the message board and magazines and then going to edit them on hopefully this will give me the same type of pictures as the outside photographers for a much cheaper price. you get an hour with the resort photographer and its 100 more per hour after that. outside photographers you could try to get in touch with are stacey clarke, brian nejdly, mischa earle, gary samuels, and digital memories.

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    Abbi pretty much covered all the bases.
    I'm getting married at CTI and am going with the resort photographer. From what I read, people are SO nice they will take pictures for you with your own camera if you just ask them to.

    I am photographing a wedding for a couple I met on the message board with my nice camera, I just asked them to buy the memory card for them to take home and they can enjoy all the photos. I'm hoping to meet someone as nice as me to do the same for our ceremony.

    Don't stress. You will have beautiful photos regardless.

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    Hi Jen,

    We are using Diana Campbell for our 10-4-11 wedding. We have a bigger budget for photos because we did not invite anyone and want to have great photos for the reception at home. Anyway we elected to do a large package but I believe that all her packages include the resort fee. we pay the 500 to the resort and the remaining balance to her. She was great to work with regarding schedule and wants and she is located out of Negril so at this short notice she may be able to give you a deal if she is not booked. Worth looking into, everything I have seen of hers has been wonderful.
    Hope it helps, Know your day will be great!

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