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    Was just wondering if the beach at CSA is returning? We were there in January and it was still messed up from the hurricane that hit in October. We are returning this January and are hoping it is back to normal. Did they get the ship out of the water that sunk? Would appreciate any response. Thank you cant wait to return for our 6th trip!

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    I heard that they're leaving the ship there as a "tourist attraction" as it's too expensive to retrieve it.

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    Hi Jamaica_hooked,
    We were there last October, the week after Tropical Storm Nicole, and the beach was in bad shape...although still beautiful, just much thinner and the staff were working really hard with sandbags and retaining walls to protect the resort down by the dive shack.
    I heard they just removed the boat a month or two ago, it took quite a while!! As for the beach, it's still not what it was before Nicole, but I've been looking at some of the pictures of people that have just been there and it does look like it's coming back. It's still a gorgeous stretch of beach, I can't wait to return.

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    We were there this last January and it was also getting back to normal. It was a bit of a mess compared the year before. The ship was still there. We are returning in January and hope it is better with no more storms this year to mess it up even more. LOL We love it there and cant wait to return. Last year we only went 6 nights, but this year we are going back to our 7. It rained every day and that was something unusual that we found for January hoping this year will be back to normal.

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    Oh no I hope not it really has created a huge sand bar and according to CSA staff, they wanted it out. Too dangerous also as people were swimming under the water and the guard said that is a good place for the stingrays and such to make nest. Not sure but I hope they take it out.

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    We were there in July, beach was perfect!

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    Boat was removed in June.

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    Thanks for confirming keola, I thought maybe I was wrong when I noted it had been removed recently. I'm pretty sure I read it on the MB, but then second guessed myself.

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