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    Default What? Our beloved resort or favorite room category is sold out? Maybe not...

    Greetings to all:

    A multi-time repeat guest posted her disappointment that we are already sold out at at CSS over the xmas/new year holiday.

    Tour operators report their bookings on a daily basis (mostly) and I am the one who monitors availability at all our resorts. Every week - sometimes multiple times each week - I issue what is called a "closeout" report which advises everyone whether or not we still have availability. On that report, I advise whether or not a specific category is closed (C) or on request (OR)

    In the latter case, I may place rooms (OR) to ensure that we do not oversell. (OR) means that we may still have a few rooms open. Generally, though, the tour operators simply closeout out the category altogether. They just do not have the human resources to scour all resorts for availability, particularly since their systems are all automated.

    Soo, while you may call your travel agent or tour operator - or even look on Couples' own booking engine - and be told that there is no availability, I would encourage you to contact (or have your travel agent do so) our reservations department 1-800-268 7537 OR from UK/Europe -
    Tel: +44 1582 794 420
    Fax:+44 1582 792 112

    We'll tell you right away whether or not there are a few rooms available.
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