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    Default Sitting area in Deluxe Ocean View

    Can anyone tell me what they mean by sitting area in Delux ocean view rooms and what building they are located in?


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    What resort?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    What resort?
    Good question. Both CN and CTI have a Deluxe Ocean, and CSS has a Deluxe Ocean Suite and a Deluxe Ocean Verandah. Only CSA has nothing called Deluxe.
    We had a Deluxe Ocean at CTI. There wasn't really a sitting area. There was a chair in the corner and another at the desk. But there's a couple of chairs out on the balcony. We were in building 4, but this category is also in building 1.
    We had a Deluxe Ocean Verandah at CSS. Again, no sitting area except out on the balcony. I think that category is all over the place, but we were top floor of G block.
    We didn't care about not having an indoor sitting area. When we wanted to sit in our room we preferred the balcony anyway. Are you maybe thinking of a 1 bedroom or a suite that having sitting areas?

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