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    Default Jamaican Restaurant in Rochester, NY?

    Hello All!

    Bringing my son to U of Rochester in a week and a half. Thought maybe there'd be a good Jamaican restaurant since it's a decent sized city. (We have nothing authentic near Appleton, WI.) Maybe if I could have some delicious food to remind me of home - it will ease the pain of leaving my "baby" so far away? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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    Reggae Jam Restaurant & Bakery on Jefferson Avenue.......not a great neighborhood, but great authentic food. Rochester just had their CariFest (all things Caribbean) and their food was outstanding. Leaving your "baby" is tough, I did it last year. Rochester is a pretty cool city...and U of R is a fantastic school.....hope this helps :-)

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    Thanks, nanmac! That's just what I needed. The inside scoop is usually more helpful than just searching...

    We'll check it out assuming that we have time.

    Thanks again,

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    Jefferson Ave is actually not very far from the U of R campus (no more than a couple of miles), but like I said, it is not a great neighborhood, so I would suggest going during the day :-) Just do not confuse it with Jefferson Road if you use a GPS!

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    If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

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