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    Default Weather in February??

    Just to find out..we normally travel to CN in April and the weather is great, except for the few afternoon showers. We once did a cruise to the eastern carribean in February and it was extremely cold..not a good way to spend a cruise vac. So from there on out we never book before april...We would like to go earlier-so I have to find out -What is the weather like in February in Negril , Jamaica??

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    We've been to the Caribbean every February for the past ten years. We've been to St Lucia, Antigua, Grenada and Jamaica. We always stay for two weeks and in ten years have only experienced two afternoon rain storms (until Feb 09 - but that is a different story!). The day temperature in the islands we have visited is in the low 80's falling a few degrees at night. We've had three holidays in Negril and the weather has always been perfect. We went to CSS this last February and the weather was not as good as usual - cloud and light rain many days and one day of continuous rain. But this was very unusual. My husband was annoyed when he checked the internet to see that whilst we had cloud, Negril had sunshine, but then it has always been noted for its good weather. Despite this one hicup February is our month of choice and we have booked to go to Grenada next February and will be at CSA in Feb 2011!

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    RATTYM - We always travel in January with the exception of one time we were there in Feb. It was AMAZING. Perfect weather, no rain, warm days, without the humidity, and nice evenings.

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    Feb is the best time to because it is usually the driest.Been there 3 times in feb and it has rained a total of about a half hour.It is GORGEOUS!

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    honeymooning 2/24-3/7, so this is encouraging!

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    we were there in feb last year and returning (hopefully) this feb, weather excellent

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    Awesome. Our anniversary is in February too, and we'll be first timing at CSS. Can't wait. only 185 days left lol

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