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    Default Randymon please answer

    I will try and make this as least confusing as possible. We booked the secret rendezvous for August 18th-21st. We will actually be in Jamaica from August 13th-21st. The beginning of the trip we will be on the cliffs then heading over to couples. I have read that we won't find out which couples we will be at until a week before we arrive. That would make it around August 11th when we finally find out which one of the wonderful couples resorts we will be enjoying!

    So here is my question/problem, the 11th is less than 48 hours before we leave for our trip. Since our first resort is in Negril on the cliffs in am concerned we might be staying in Ocho Rios and I would need to make arrangements with our cab driver to take us back to the airport so we can meet up and get on the couples shuttle. We do not care which resort we are at, cause we are just so happy to be at couples in general. But Randy is there anyway we could find out which resort we will be at like a week before we leave for our trip? That would be around August 6th. If not we understand we know booking the SR that's the risk you take. Thanks

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    apparently checking your credit card statement will reveal the answer the final charge is usually displayed before those 7 days...

    good luck


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    we did the SR last year and when I got the confirmation email of payment it said Tower Isle, I didn't want to get my hopes up, but that is indeed where we ended up. I have heard others say the same thing

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    They do let you know 7 days out. Just call the reservation number, and they will tell you the resort.

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    Chell00 thank you for your response I called Matt and asked him what the credit card statement said but since we booked through it didn't tell us
    Do you think I should call a week out and tell them our issue and see if they know where we will be staying at?

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    i believe if you call couples directly they will tell you 7 days out... this is what has been posted on another forum, there have been a few threads about it recently


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    redblueku~ I think, even if you don't find out until the 11th which resort your going to, you shouldn't have a problem setting up a ride. If you don't already have a driver you use I'd be happy to give you a link to the service we use for airport transfers(.I"d have to email you it since we're not allowed to post any vendors on the board here.) I understand wanting to get things set as soon as possible but I wouldnt worry about not being able to get a transfer.

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    It is easy to arrange transportation, even at the last minute, in Jamaica. So I would not worry so much about that.

    That being said, I would still want to know myself as soon as I could figure it out.

    Getting the airport shuttle is not as easy as strolling up to the Couple's lounge after getting to the airport. As I understand it, if you didn't just get off a plane, you can't get to that section of the airport. I believe most folks normally " tip" an airport employee with access to the area to let the Couples lounge know you are there, and the bus will pick you up on it's way out. I have no first hand experience with this, but I believe this is what I've read on other threads about this subject.


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    Like another poster said, we just called Couples a week out and we got CSS.

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    Thank you so much for all of your replies. I had a dream last night that we called couples and they told us CTI. Lol I guess we will see soon enough. I will keep you posted on what where we end up! Thanks again guys.

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    I'm with Spiff.....It's pretty easy to make travel arrangements from Negril to the airport if you end up doing a SR in Ocho Rios.

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    Ok so I'm obsessed with knowing which couples we will be at! It's driving me crazy. I don't care which resort I just want to knowwwwwwww. The address where we booked through gave me 7775 northwest 48th st, ochos rios. When I type it into google maps San souci pops up! Why can't I just be calm and wait for that wonderful email. I'm calling couples tomorrow lol

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    7775 NW 48th Street is the former address of our Florida office.... Weird!

    Couples Resorts

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    Verdict is in it's CTI I called and she said she couldn't let us know until the 11th which would be a week out. I told her the situation and she let us know we would be at Tower Isle!

    So I know it's bad but Matt really wanted CSS and I was secretly keeping my fingers crossed for CTI. Smiles!!

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    [QUOTE=redblueku;142351]Verdict is in it's CTI I called and she said she couldn't let us know until the 11th which would be a week out. I told her the situation and she let us know we would be at Tower Isle!

    I just got butterfies for you! We loved CTI! You will love it

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