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    Default If You Can't Stand the Heat......

    If you can't stand the heat.....go to Jamaica. We have a heat index of 103 degrees. It is 86 degrees in Jamaica. I need to go there, now.

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    We in Wisconsin feel your pain... the heat and humidity has been overbearing this year. Average July temperature for Green Bay was 5+ degF above norm... and we've got all of August to go yet!

    Jamaica Soon Come! (mid-October)

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    I live in Dallas, 103 is a cool front, it will be 110 in Dallas today, leaving Saturday for CSA !!!!!!!!!! So for us, it will feel like winter in Jamaica. VERY EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!! First trip to CSA !!!!

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    Man I hear you! Its gawdddd awful in Oklahoma and we need rain soooooo bad!!! They are saying today that it will get to 110 or 111......... this is just miserable and keep thinking I bet Jamaica feels really good right now! I love summer but not this summer!!! Lets pack up and go now!!!! We are 40+ days of over 100 and its only August 3rd......oh lordy

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    Tell me about it yesterday's high here in Topeka, Ks was 111 degrees. Crazy to think we are going to jamaica in 9 days to escape the heat!

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    I WISH we only had a heat index of 103.... 104 outside now and heat index is 112. Jamaica sounds GREAT right now.

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    110+ in Central Arkansas yesterday ......... 160+ in the back of my UPS package car .......
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    Got you all beat, 114 yesterday, heat index of 123. A high of 110 today in Little Rock. 25 days to Jamaica.

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    Ugh! I live in Florida. Today it's supposed to be 115 with the heat index! This girl is staying inside!

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    Personally I was thinking about a trip to Seattle, highs in the middle 70's right now, but Jamaica would beat what we're having here in SW MO.

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    I totally am with you on this.... Live near Houston and leave on Aug 24th for CSS..... I am so tired of the weather here it is so Hotttt.!!!! Jamaica is going to be so nice, I can't wait ... first time to Jamaica and I am so excited.... only 20 days!!!

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    LOL its a hell of alot better than being cold Jamaica is always IRIE!!!
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    Well it has been 91-92 degrees here in the south of England this past week but far too humid.We usually go to Jamaica in February to escape the cold weather here not the warmth!!

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