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    Default Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away??

    We are trying to decide between Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away for our Honeymoon in April 2012. Which one is better? nicer?

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    I dont think one is better or nicer than the other. I think it's really just about your tatste and what you are looking for. You will not be diappointed with either one. Just go with your gut feeling.

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    We have been to CSA the last couple years and did visit CN one of the days. Both are very nice resorts and really not all that far from each other but we still like CSA best. Great food (only at CN for lunch) and service at both but being on the beautiful seven mile beach for daily strolls and amazing sunsets wins out for me. Seagrape café with the fish tacos and Patois with its banana stuffed french toast are amazing! This place is the ultimate laid back beach resort. We stayed in the beachfront suite with wood shutters and screens on the windows but not glass. Don't panic as they have ac and ceiling fans in the rooms. Amazing to listen to the sounds of Jamaica at night and still have the door closed to keep out any bugs. Ahhhhh...lapping wave, peeping frogs....ahhhhhh...

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    First of all; you can't go wrong with either pick! Both are fabulous. You will find little things that you like better about each and for most people, there will be something that just calls them back to one over the other. We were at CSA 4 years ago, CSS 2 years ago, CN last year and we are headed back to CSA in 76 days. We have enjoyed CSA the most, maybe just because it was the first. We still refer to that trip as our best vacation ever. We enjoyed CN a lot last year and if we couldn't go to CSA, I wouldn't hesitate to go back to CN. CSS was beautiful, but we'll never go back. We have discovered we are definately beach people so Seven Mile is the place for us!!

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    Ahem... Super Bowl XLVI

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    Only been to CSA so I can't really give you much insight into CN. LOVED CSA! Going back in OCT 2012. However the resorts are fairly close to eachother so maybe you could stay half at CN and the other half at CSA. Congrats!

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    If I could have CSA and Negril's beach...that would be perfect!

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    The major differences to me are four things, and they may not matter to you at all but this is how I view the decision points.

    1) I prefer the wider beach at CN with less foot traffic back and forth in front of the resort. The down side here is that if you want to walk down the beach to visit a variety of other small bars then CSA has lot more to 'walk to'. I prefer Bloody Bay's beach (CN) to Long Bay (CSA).

    2) If you enjoy nude sunbathing then CN is the only choice between the two. This can be a major factor for many who love having nude sunbathing as an option ... as well as for those who are so repressed that they can't live with the idea that others might be sunbathing in the nude at the same resort they are visiting. It is a deciding factor for many.

    3)Tennis is okay/good at CN but CSA has a much more active tennis program with more courts, some har-tru courts available, and most of the time more tennis players. There are more tennis pros on-site as well.

    4) While I like the piano bar at CN, an old friend of ours from our many trips in the past to the "H" resort named Lenworth (known to many at 'Ultimate') plays at and runs a piano bar better than anyone we have ever seen. He is at CSA these days, for many years now actually, and he makes a piano bar so much fun that I consider it a factor.

    Most other things are pretty much similar to me. There are other differences for sure, but to me they are minor. Have a great trip wherever you go! It's a win-win though so don't stress over it.

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    That my friend seems to be the question of the century..Go with your gut.. We did, and we love CN, not to say that CSA isnt as good or better.

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    Impressions of couples swept away August 2011 honeymoon visit:
    Arrival: The last people tipped were the skycap who loaded the bags into the transport to CSA and the van driver who entertained us on the ride.The windows on the van were crystal clear , enabling plenty of local color photos on the way. Take the orientation tour and gain information you need. You can ask questions during the tour.
    I found it easy to make reservations for dining and activities. We got reservations for lemongrass for our arrival night and had choice of 3 times for seating. we were given 2 free massages for showing our wedding certificate.
    Staff: The staff were genuinely happy and helpful, patient and nice to share our time with. I liked that they were quiet and not intrusive, perhaps tailoring their demeanor to what I was wanting. It felt weird not to tip constantly. The onsite vendors were quiet, displaying their wares and did not bother us. Wednesday is the day when the most vendors appear with baskets, necklaces, canvas “art”, wooden sculpture, t shirts.
    Accomodations: We enjoyed the large veranda. I had hoped for space large enough for 2 yoga mats and was thrilled with the spacious tiled deck. It could have fit 8 people for yoga class! The pristine décor of dark wooden shutters and white walls and linens suited us. Appreciated the waffle weave terry robes, which would have taken up half our packing space. The ipod player was wonderful. we used the aloe/alcohol gel to sooth sand flea and mosquito bites and were pleased that the supply kept coming. The airconditioner kept the room cooled the way we like it as long as we closed the shutters to keep the chilly air in. The ocean and nature sounds still permeated the interior space. The fresh flowers in vases and on the bed were a visual treat. Enjoyed the potted plant on the otherwise austere veranda.The outdoor furniture was clean and sooo comfy. Glad we brought an insense burner for outside. We spent a lot of time in the outdoor living space.There were several lighting options and a ceiling fan, so candles were not needed.The overall ambiance was peaceful.
    Food: Lemongrass atmosphere was fabulous. Torch lit dining with live music drifting up from palm restaurant below. Not the best thai food I ever ate, but just fine.The service was excellent and the table setting was beautiful. Seagrapes perfect for healthy beach food snacks and lunch.Don’t miss the fish (snapper)tacos at lunch. Breakfast buffet at palm is awesome. Loved the smoked marlin with capers. A jazz duo serenaded us through breakfast.
    Feathers was a nice change from the buffet choice at palm. It was airconditioned and not open air. So no view, but it was cool.
    It was a treat to enjoy Jamaican fare in Patois patio. We ordered the white pizza entrée as an extra and used the small triangles of flatbread with our fish plates. The servings are wisely small compared to American restaurants and this worked out fine for us.
    Bar service: Ok, we are Buddhists and do not drink alcohol, so I was not counting on enjoying bar service. Reading drink menus at the bars was helpful. Surprised to find 2 pages of non alc drinks listed – blended and shaken. They all have corny names, which seemed less funny after awhile. We learned to order our drinks “not too sweet” and that worked. Seagrapes made yummy veg juice drinks not listed without discussion. My favorite was carrot juice flavored with local lime juice. The coffee bars options were the same as starbucks. The blue mountain coffee is strong and deep roast rich, the way we like it. Real half and half was served, along with raw sugar.They also had artificial sweeteners.
    General:The gardens were well maintained and lovely with thick flowering foliage.Staff swept walkways after rain and even picked up fallen leaves.In the morning, miles of pathways were hand swept, which was a rhythmical soothing sound in itself. On mondays at 9, there is a nature tour which covers the greenhouse and explains the plant names, propagation and design.
    The internet café had the best reception and I would not take my laptop along in the future due to slow wifi connection. There were ample computers to use and it was open whenever I wanted to use the service.
    The glass bottom boat ride and the bonfire were surprisingly enjoyable.We purchased the artist’s cd at the bonfire.
    Water fun: No problem getting to use any equipment or craft. Plenty of shade for spontaneous lounging outside of direct sun without playing game of reserving specially covered areas with possessions .Make no eye contact with strolling beach vendors ( they whisted and yelled to us) and they will not approach and will stay near the water when walking along the beach.
    Fitness: opportunities abound.The lap pool had aqua fitness stuff for us to use right at the pool- ankle baffles, floatation belts, kickboards etc. The fitness center supplies its own towels, so you don’t have to bring one from your room on the other side of the property.
    Security: friendly staff were crossing guards to fitness area across the street and were present on the beach and walkways at night.

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    cant go wrong with either that being said CSA ROCKS!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    We've stayed at CN before and absolutely loved it! The food , weather and beach were great. This year we are going to give CSA a try in November since we hear such great things about it. I think all the Couples resorts are great and you can't lose regardless of whichever you choose.

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