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    Default CSA: Garden or Ocean Verandah?

    Which is the better room to book the Garden or Ocean verandah suite? We like TV so we're not interested in the Atrium or Beachfront since they're sans TV. Thanks!

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    Hi, we've stayed in an Ocean Verandah room and also spent one night in one of the older sections Garden Suites. The older Garden Suites have been upgraded to the Garden Verandah category now since they added the TV and mini-bars to those rooms. We liked the newer section Verandah room better than the older section. It just seemed to be less rustic and more centrally located on the property. My point is that if you select a Garden Verandah room category you could be placed either on the older or newer sides of the resort. If you select the Ocean Verandah category you'll definately be on the newer side. If you don't mind spending the few extra bucks I recommend you go with the Ocean Verandah room. You may even get lucky and get a room with a view of the ocean too as a bonus which will not happen in the older section. Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!

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    no opinions?? i was hoping to come back and see a wealth of knowledge left for me so i could go ahead and book our room.

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    I think people are at a loss for for words that a Jamaican vacation choice revolves around a TV.

    Just my opinion.

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    The rooms are identical so it's just about being a little closer to the beach and maybe a better view. You would be a little farther from the road if that matters to you with the veranda suite.

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    I haven't stayed in the garden verandah, but have stayed in the ocean verandah. The rooms will be almost identical, the location of the room will obviously be the big difference. We loved our OVS, and will stay there again. From walking around the grounds, I feel some of the garden verandahs are also in great locations, but as already has been pointed out here by steveg52.
    My husband also likes to have a TV to watch before bed, so we've never considered an atrium or beachfront. I wouldn't say the vacation revolves around the TV, however the room choice does, to some extent.

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    NIke or addidas, both are great and both work great total preference ocean veranda will get you a lil bit more off the road. Look at 360 map and see what works for you

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    I meant to write that you would be a little farther from the road with a ocean veranda suite.

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    Both are beautiful!! We stay in the garden verandah. Depends what you want to spend, ya know

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    Go for the OVS if you can afford the upgrade. Request a room towards the middle of the resort and if you want privacy see if they have a 3rd floor corner room. If you want to be able to go in and out of your patio door, see if they have a 1st floor corner room.

    These two rooms you have asked about are exactly the same, so it's all where you want to be on the resort and how much you want to spend. Good luck deciding, but you picked a great resort and really can't go wrong with any room. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveg52 View Post
    If you don't mind spending the few extra bucks I recommend you go with the Ocean Verandah room. You may even get lucky and get a room with a view of the ocean too as a bonus which will not happen in the older section. !
    Ok, I'm confused. I thought the Ocean Verandah category ALL had some view of the ocean? I realize they aren't beach front, but I thought they were placed so as to have views. Not so? I ask because we've thought we'd book that category next time for a bit of a view. We've only done Garden, which was totally fine as far as the room went, but of course no view. So if some Ocean rooms don't have any view, why spend the extra money?

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    Some of the OVS views are obstructed. A lot of the 2nd story rooms have palm trees that are in the view. I have even seen a couple of GVS rooms that have a view of the ocean. I would say go for the OVS and when you are checking in ask for a room with a good view. If you get to the room and you don't like what you see, ask to see if there is another room. The Couples staff is pretty accommodating.

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    jamaicamecrazy we were in room 3210 on the second floor in the middle of the building and here's the view we had from our verandah. I have no clue why they called them Ocean Verandah Suites because you are not guaranteed an ocean view. I'd imagine the way the buildings are situated on an angle from the beach that some of the rooms on the ends do have a partial view of the ocean, especially from the 1st or 3rd floors. The second floor rooms are just about level with the foliage on the plants/trees so it limits the view considerably. We didn't spend any time in the room anyway. Since it wasn't a big deal, we've booked a Garden Verandah Suite for our next trip to CSA this December and saved the money.
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    Thanks so much Margi and Steve. We will definitely keep that in mind next time we book. We don't usually care that much about a room with a view, since we don't spend much daylight time in our room anyway, but we were a bit spoiled at CTI and CSS with amazing views at both However, CSA rates are usually a fair bit higher, so if staying Garden there again means getting back there and staying longer, that works for me.

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    Thanks all for the help! We booked a GVS for this November. Our vacay doesn't revolve around the TV, but when the daily rain shower hits... we enjoy watching a little TV while the shower passes. When we stayed in CN they had a channel with music videos and we greatly enjoyed having it on as background music while we relaxed in our suite. Thank again!

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    You are going to love CSA whether you have a view or not. We did OVS for our first time there, but after that it's been GVS to save money and stay longer. The views from the rooms at the other resorts might be better, but CSA is just gorgeous everywhere you turn. Enjoy. CSA ROCKS!!!!! Margi

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