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    Default Look at what I found!!!

    Our first trip to Jamaica was more than 8 years ago and I have been awaiting the arrival of Red Stripe Light to the US market ever since! Just a little taste of Home found at our local grocery store...yeah mon!
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    Aurxdoc05, I was excited too when I saw it at our local Bottle King here in NJ. I bought a 12 pack... when my husband got home from work and opened the fridge to get his usual Coors Light... SUPRISE! He was one happy camper! CHEERS! :0)

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    Two things I have noticed about Red Stripe in the States...

    1. It just doesn't taste the same without the sand between my toes and the Sea within sight.
    2. The 11.2 ounce bottles get on my nerves. (Are they 11.2 ounces in Jamaica too?)

    All that being said, I've been known to pick up a six pack here in Ohio every once in a while. I haven't seen RS Light yet, but I really haven't looked recently.

    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Our local liquor store has been carrying light for a while now too,so our bar is always well stocked

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    DO you know if it is available in metro Detroit area. That would be great.

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    We have a liquor store right down the street from us that carries Red Stripe so i requested that he bring in Red Stripe Light and now we keep it stocked in our fridge at all times!!

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    Default red stripe-Don't be fooled

    if you see red stripe in cans or red stripe light in the U.S....check the bottle mine was from said inported.....they do it with guinness also.

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    Aurxdoc05....i notice your from alabama (im from Dothan) so im assuming the "au" is fr auburn...WAR EAGLE btw....i noticed our local walmart carried the light recently i was SOOOOO excited.
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    They've sold this at Walmart in Cincinnati for a couple of years now - only problem is that it just doesn't taste quite as good drinking it here.

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    Southernbelle...WAR EAGLE right back at ya! :-)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this 6 pack and was thrilled to find it. My husband's first response was, "it tastes better on draft." I must definitely tastes better in Jamaica, as do Hummingbirds and Dirty Bananas. BUT, since I won't be able to enjoy them in JA for another 60 sleeps, I will close my eyes to imagine a little piece of paradise while I drink my bottled Red Stripe Light.

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    Ditto on it tastes better in jamaica.....

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    We get it in Dallas and it is Bottled in Kingston and imported from Jamaica. It taste the same as the ones you get in Jamaica.
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