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    Default Office of Nature?

    We are coming to CSA in September and I am so excited! We keep hearing about lobsters on the beach at Office of Nature. Is this close to CSA or a short taxi ride? Any info would be great...

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    The Office of Nature (Both of them.) is on Bloody Bay (as is Couples Negril). CSA is on Long Bay. You would most likely have to take a cab from CSA to the OON. Or, if you are a Romance Rewards member, you can do the Trading Places Program from CSA to CN and walk to the OON from there.

    It's a long story about why there are now two Office of Natures. The owners of the land kicked the original OON folks out from where they used to be located. They moved further on down the beach (away from CN) and set up shop there. The land owners then built a more sturdy structure where the original OON used to be and called guessed it...The Office of Nature.

    So, from CN, when you walk from the buildings to the beach, turn right. You will walk past another resort and the beach of a third resort (This resort is really accross the street, so you might not notice it.) Keep going and before too long you will see the "New" Office of Nature. Keep going past that if you want the "Original" Office of Nature. I know that the Original OON has lobster. I think you can choose between US$15, US$20 and US$25 portion sizes. Not sure if the New OON has lobster or not.
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    CSA sits on the Long Bay portion of 7 Mile Beach. CN sits on the Bloody Bay portion of 7 Mile Beach. Office of Nature is on Bloody Bay. You would need to take a taxi over to Bloody Bay to go to Office of Nature. If you sign up for Romance Rewards, you can take a day and go over to CN for free, then you can walk down to Office of Nature.
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    The new OON does have Lobster. I had some there last month.

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    Below is a note I posted on a different thread. We went last November and loved it. Most of this was already stated by NeedBlueWater, and Coloradojuli is dead-on about the Romance Rewards. If you use your Trading Places day to go to CN, that is gonna be the easiest way to visit the OON. It only takes a total of about 90 mins to walk a 1/2 mile up the beach from CN, put your order in, grab a cold beer, eat the best Caribbean lobster ever, and walk back.

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    You MUST go to the Office of Nature. When you're heading north up the beach from CN, it's not the first one with the fancy sign, but the 2nd one with blue tarps for a roof. It seems sketchy at first, but it's definitely not. Just walk up to the bar, tell em what you want, $15, $20, or $25 lobster, grab a beer and wait for your food. Last time, in Nov 2010, we asked for the $20 lobster, but I can't imagine it's much bigger than the $15 ones, I just didn't want to hassle with making change. They chop it in half, slather it with seasoned butter and grill to perfection. We hung out at the bar with Johnny B Goode, but all of the guys are really cool. They keep the lobsters alive in the sea and they feed them coconut and orange peels so the meat is even sweeter than usual. A very prissy early-30-something walked by and said "Do you really think that's safe?" and we just laughed at her. There is nothing safer than live lobster fresh out of the sea!

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    Here are three pics of the Office of Nature area.


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    I cant believe we have been on this message board since March and have never heard of Office Of Nature!
    I love lobster so heck gotta try going to this place! I'm glad Colleen brought this up!!

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    Thanks to you all for the info....
    I am counting down the days. 39 days to go...

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