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    Default Message board names ?

    We were talking to a new friends we met at CN last April and someone suggested it would be cool to have name tags of our MB handles on our shirts or just some way to get to know who fit their name...
    As I thought about it and thought about some of the colorful handles a few of us have maybe not a great idea after all, I could just hear myself trying to explain to my honey why I was late meeting her for dinner. The conversation would sound something like this..." Honey I sorry I was late, but me and Dirtleg, were talking to Softail19 about her tan , when Bigdoglips and Mustache came up and bought us all drinks and time just gotta away from us"....and she would just look at me roll her eyes and say "you jamaicamecrazy'!!!

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    Great idea Boomer49! Without pictures on the MB to go by or NAME TAGS... how will we know if we run into someone that we know from the MB?!

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    Great idea Boomer49!!! Thanks for the smile on my face on this wednesday morning but I do like your idea!! But you forgot in your story that Soonerfans came over and brought everyone a drink too so you had to stick around a little longer! haha

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    Too funny!

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    This thread is like a potato chip....I couldn't just read it once..AND the more I read it the funnier it got!

    Good job! Thanks for making me smile today!

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    Great Idea
    Irie Mon

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    I'm good with that Soonerfans!

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    doesn't the the meet up board enabling people to post there pic facilitate the same functionality

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    So tell us what your favorite drink is and we'll bring plenty of it!!!
    I so like to be in stories! haha I do think you have a great idea and maybe we should try and make this work......I'm on board!!!!

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