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    Wondering what CN is like after dinner...any dancing/music at the resort? If not...where to go???

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    by 10 much of the resort is quiet if you go out i would check out the west end for a more risque evening u can check out the h resort for a evening pass
    lots of excellent live music in the west end

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    It totally depends on the night. Almost every night, there is either a karaoke, dance party or sing-along at the piano bar, usually starting around 10p. Every night, except the Beach Party night, there is a band playing at the Cassava Terrace at 9p, and there is a pretty big dance floor. Some nights, people might head to the pool after dinner and hang out with new friends. The Beach Party has a band and a bonfire, as well as great food, and that seems to last quite a while. My wife and I are night owls at home, but when we get to CN, it's amazing how quickly that turns around. We are usually up by 7-8a and ready to dive. We get a great combination of activity and relaxation in during the day, and by the time we eat dinner and hang out at one of the bars, we are pretty wiped and ready to go to bed. We can easily stay up til 2a on weekends at home, but at Couples, we are rarely up after midnight. I'm sure this all varies with the crowd that's there during that specific week, but we have been twice in November and it was pretty much the same deal both times. If you go to the CN page and click on Inclusions & Activities, there is a link to the Activity Schedule at the bottom of the page. This gives you a pretty good idea of what goes on at night.
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    Default Night life...

    The piano bar get started at 10:30 pm. Don't miss Mr. Paul Tucker three nights a week.
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    CN is not really the night life spot. Most reviews have it right. They claim that CSA has a "better" night life. If youre looking for an all night disco, you wont find it at CN. I guess its all what you enjoy. I forget what time the bars close down, but some new friends of ours and we closed down the bar next to the grill most nights (a big thanks to bartender Evelyn) . We also had a fairly late night after the patio party at the piano bar. It seemed like everyone was ready to go that night. I would agree with dank120 that by the end of the day, most are pretty tired and ready to quit. I on the other hand am used to staying up all night, as that is what my job calls for. I always have a second wind and can keep going longer than most. However, I will admit that the day time activities and laid back atmosphere grab ahold of you and generally have no worries about going to bed, after having "a few" drinks at the bar after dinner. Dont know what youre looking for, but you can either call it quits early, or probably find something to do or someone to talk to. Dont forget about the game room. The wife and I had quite the games of billiards.

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