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    Default Abby & Derek 6/18/11

    We are getting married on June 18, 2011, so excited! Suggestions, comments, all is welcome! It's our first time staying at a Couple's Resort.

    I have learned so much from the message board already!

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    Hello. We are getting married June 1st. I am an ortho nurse also. Wish we would still be there for ya! You will loveeee couples. Are you staying at CSA? Which one? Jane

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    Congrats Jane! Hope your wedding is perfect! Make sure you post some pic's! We are staying @ CSS! Are you using the resort photographer? Abby

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    Hey. Well I decided to go with Stacey Clark. Was another 500 bucks but I keep seeing her pics and decided to go with what i love. I am sure the resort one is really good, but it was a wedding gift from family for us. Good luck will post pics! From on ortho nurse to another lol

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    I can't wait to hear your review from getting married at CSS... we are getting married there in July 2012!
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    Congrats!!! Can't wait to read your review and see your pictures from your weddingmoon at CSS...we are planning for May 2012 at CSS!

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