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    Default So I have to be completely honest...

    ...we were pretty bummed when we had to leave CSA on the last day of our honeymoon but while we had a wonderful time, we were pretty sure we wouldn't be back, at least not for awhile. We're young, there is more of the world to see, Couples is a little too expensive, yadda yadda yadda.

    THEN today, I figure I'd just check out the Message Boards, see what's happening...and then I started reading some reviews...

    and oh my word, I MISS CSA SO MUCH!

    My husband and I were pretty anti-social on our honeymoon...and the fact that it rained 80% of the time we were there, we spent a lot of time in our room, and I'm now realizing just how much we didn't experience there. Before we left, I read up on everything to do...the aura lounge, the martini bar, the sunset bar, the snorkeling, etc... and we didn't do any of that!

    I don't take all of the blame...the rain (and boy did it rain hard!) did make it difficult to do some activities...afternoon snorkeling, shopping trips, and walking to the bars on the other side of the resort...but I now say "that's no excuse!"

    Luckily, we did do the cat cruise and the glass bottom boat tour...both very fun! But next time, and there WILL be a next time, hopefully in the near future...I know I'll make the effort to go to the bars, to stay out late (we never stayed out past 9pm...we were always in our room for turn-down! lol so we never opted to get that service either), to do a little dancing...

    So here's to you CSA...I miss you and I'll see you again! (and if you could please ask the weather to cooperate this time, I'd appreciate it!)
    Danielle & Mike
    ----> Honeymooned at CSA June '11!
    --------> Really can't wait to be "home" again!

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    Well Bebella, you crack me up and I hate that you missed so many things but my wish for you is that you get to go back in the near future and enjoy everything that Jamaica and Couples has to offer you guys!! We have booked 25 nights in nov/dec of 2012 at all 4 resorts and we are going to do EVERYTHING we can do and see there!! I keep thinking that there is no rest at home and should rest there but want to see it all in that time so might have to take off when we get home to rest! haha
    Glad you guys had a great time and hope you get to go home soon!!

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