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    Does anyone have pictures of the BS that do not have the large veranda. We have stayed in the new section before and have seen lots of pictures of the BS with the large veranda but have not seen or heard much about the other rooms. This is the category we have chosen for our upcoming trip. Thanks Melody

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    They look the same as the Atriums so you can always take a look at those photos on the website. The differences are that the BFS does not have a hammock, there s a lounge chair instead. The mini bar is also in a different location. The Atriums have it under the mirror in the main room and the BFS have it in the closet.

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    They look exactly like the Atrium Suites, with one small exception... there is no hammock. I seem to recall that in some of the second floor suites, the verandah is really just a small balcony, but these may have been on the three-suite units.

    Sorry, no pic....

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