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    would anyone have pic's of one bedroom ocean suite with information on the blocks they are in?
    We are going to CSS in late october and have never been there. We were told there can be alot of steps, but if the view is there it would be worth it
    Thanks jamaicanjeanne

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    Default 1BR at CSS is SO worth the steps!

    Hopefully my photo is visible - it was our view from G block last year at CSS. We like those rooms because:
    1) they are close to the gym for a morning wormout
    2) they are close to the spa
    3) they have a view of the bay that is amazing
    4) the balconies just plain rock
    5) the rooms themselves are very spacious and give us room to make ourselves at home out of out suitcases
    6) close to the Balloon Bar for evening entertainment/late night dinner at Cassanova
    7) The Grotto is on the way back to the room from the beach - check it out!

    Enjoy your stay. We have to wait until March 2012 :-(
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    Thanks Kiki I appreciate the feed back

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