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    I Know CSS but where and can you walk out to the gazbo? I think this is a beautiful area and would love to visit on our next trip, Thanks for your help. Luvsjam

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    If that is where I think it is, I believe that is on the property next to CSS which is a private home. I'm not sure if it's true but back in '08 the crew on the glass bottom boat said the house belonged to Canadian rocker Bryan Adams.

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    Hi Luvsjam! It's been a while since we were at CSS, so my memory might be a little off... I think that we saw a gazebo when we walked past the gym and up a set of stairs (heading in the direction of the main beach) it was on the right side. They had it decorated as if they were going to perform a wedding there. Was I halucinating? Too much rum maybe? He he :0)

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    rjammin: I too was told that house belonged to Bryan Adams, so I took a shot and e-mailed his site and just got a reply. He never owned the house; he just rented it for a few months while he was in Jamaica working. Neat, eh?! Now we can set the record straight for the watersports guys. lol

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    randijean46...That's pretty cool that they got back to you on it. It also clears it up so I can't wait to set the boys straight next April lol.
    It's also kinda hard to tell from luvsjams pic if that is actually on the property next to CSS.

    Rum Girl has a good memory, even with too much rum. The CSS gazebo is right where she remembers it. At least that's where I remember it being....but then again, I had my share of rum too.

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    rjammin, Thanks for confirming my "hallucination!" He he!

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