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    Me and my hubby will be in CTI from 10/9/2011 to 10/15/2011. We have our water shoes, our snorkels, our sun screen, and coozies. My sundresses and swim suits, and floppy hats galore!

    I am way too excited for words!

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    Well congrats'll have a great time!!

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    We will be there 10/5 to 10/15. See you there!

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    I'm with ya, Mandalyn! We have 67 days til we're at CTI! Like you, I have a corner of my guest room devoted to clothes, sandles, shoes, swimwear and YES... Floppy hats to go with us! And thanks to you, now, I will add coozies!! :0) Can't wait! Hope you and your Hubby have a GREAT trip! It will be here before we know it! ~ Lori

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