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    Default How much does it cost

    Hi, we get a free 30 min couples massage for being on our honeymoon, was wondering if we could upgrade it to a hour and if so how much does it cost? Who do we pay the extra too?
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    We upgraded from the free 30 min to 1 hour and it cost us 55.00 each. So worth it! It is charged to your room and you pay when you check out

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    We do the same thing but I cant remember what the cost was.. I want to say it was an extra $100.. or $60 a piece.. or something like that. They just charged it to our room number. I think you can put it on a separate credit card thought if you want (at the spa).

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    I think the aromatherapy 25 minute massage (there is no 30 minute) is $55. So I imagine you could just book both that massage and the free honeymoon massage at the same time and they'll just make it almost an hour long...

    Everything is charged to your room, including spa services so you would pay upon check-out.
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    Default Spa

    Click on the word SPA and go to the resort that you will be at and click on the brochure, all the services and prices are listed right there.

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    Default Couples massage

    It was $110 to upgrade when we went in March. You just charge it to the room. Have fun!

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    Yes you can upgrade, I do not know the cost (I think a $100), but all charges are billed to your room account. CTI is cash free.
    Irie Mon

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