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    Default Newbie: 10 night stay split CSA & CSS

    Hi All,

    This is my first post on the Couples Message board. I have read all of the great advice from everyone including information on splitting time at two resorts. My husband and I are saving for our 10th anniversary and we want to go to CSA. In my research I have been loving Sans Souci for its beauty and the fact that it's quieter, but I still really want to go to CSA and so does my hubby. Since it's unlikely we'll get to vacation like this that often I'd hate to miss either of these.

    Here's my plan:

    1) 6 nights at CSA first. From my research this should give us enough time to enjoy most if not all of the restaurants and do some of the outings (will come out to ~4 full days).

    2) 4 nights at Sans Souci second. We might not do many outings but instead relax and enjoy the scenery and serenity of the place before we have to fly home.

    First question: Does this sound doable and do you think my husband and I will be able to enjoy both properties sufficiently for our first times?

    Second question: Will we still fly home from MBJ airport if we're coming from Ocho Rios?

    Lastly: Will CSA provide transport for free to CSS as I've read on this board still? (How long of a drive will it be?)

    Thanks for all the help. :-D

    Event though it's ~3 years away I'm so excited!!

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    Hi shanyetta! Welcome to the message board!
    You sound very much like me when I was planning our fist trip to Couples. We had a trip to CTI(was COR at the time) booked to celebrate our 25th anniversary along with our best friends. I was really excited about it but had seen pictures somewhere of CSA and fell in love with it. I had our travel agent add 3 nights there onto our trip. Like you, I thought this might be the only time we'd get to Jamaica.(was only the second vacation we took in 25 years of marriage) The split worked great! I loved COR and found 6 nights enough for us and the 3 nights at CSA was long enough for us to realize that it was the PERFECT place for us. And Couples will arrange the transfer. We did a puddle jumper flight that time but have done 2 more splits since ,then both CSS/CSA and did the private ride transfer both of those times.
    Oh .. I guess you can tell from my post that that first trip was NOT our only one to Trip 10 and 11 are already booked! Don't be surprised if you find yourself planning your next trip before your even on the plane home.

    I more thing. If you were really drawn to CSA you might want to consider doing CSS first. We had a CSA/CSS trip planned once. We ended up staying at CSA the whole time(couldn't bring ourselves to leave) We made sure to to go CSS first next time, saved CSA for the end of the trip.

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    Yes! I think you will be just fine! We are actually spliting a shorter stay this February between CN and CSS. CSS is our home and if you are planning to just explore the resort and not do excursions, 4 days will be just enough time for you to never want to leave. You won't be able to eat at all the restaurants or experience all of the Gala buffet nights, but you will have a great time!

    Yes, Couples will transfer you to CSS from CSA. It takes a while (2 1/2 hrs I am told), so we are looking into private transfers and TimAir. Once we get back from our trip, I will post reviews and comments.

    Yes, you will still depart from MBJ airport, but it is a bit longer trip from CSS to MBJ than from Negril. We typically take a 3pm flight home and are usually placed on the 10:30am bus to the airport. But it works out, you have breakfast, take a stroll on the beach and through the foliage one last time, get to the airport and souvenir shop, get lunch and reluctantly board your plane. No worries.

    One side note, if you plan on Scuba, try to do it at CSA because you shouldn't dive 48 hours before you fly, so you won't have time at CSS. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the snorkeling and other watersports at CSS though! The spa is also amazing. What am I saying - everything about couples is amazing! Happy planning!

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    Yes to all your questions. You are going to have a blast!

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    My husband and I are splitting 10 days between CN and CSS in April but we are doing 5 nights at each resort. Since you plan on just relaxing in CSS, I think 4 nights would be fine even though you will not want to leave!! Yes, you will still fly home from Montego Bay airport (the airport is almost an equal distance between the 2 resorts). CSA will transport you for free to CSS. Your only problem will be waiting the 3 years!!

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