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    I read on the staff shout out page that Matthew from the entertainment staff at CTI is coming to the states to play football. Can anyone shed anymore light on that topic? When and where is he going to be playing?


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    We saw him there at the end of May this year so was just wondering if anyone knew where he was at in the states, he was very nice and would love to follow his career.

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    There was a Matthew on the Entertainment staff when we were at CTI in April.

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    Matthew, as of April, will be attending the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. He had planned on leaving in August. As of April, he was not on scholarship, but hoped to walk on for the 2011 season.

    Matthew R.

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    Tell me it isnt so...I will be there in 2 days and was so looking forward to seeing Matthew and congratulating him on his modeling my opinion he is too "pretty" to play for the NFL but he is super strong and can handle anything!

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    I'm here now at CTI and Matthew is still here. He is waiting for the papers.

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    I wish Matthew the best, be it in sports, modeling, whatever. He's a great guy and a lot of fun, making the activities and entertainment that much better with his participation. It will be CTI's loss.

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    To the Couples Staff:
    Anyway to let us know about his football career so we can follow him here in the states?

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    Is football and Rugby the same? We were at CTI last week and told he received a Rugby scholarship.
    I spoke with Matthew before returning home and he is planning to come to the states in a few months. His brother will also but to live with their mother in Virginia.

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    We will miss Matthew on our next visit to CTI. But would like to congratulate him and wish him all the best!
    Darryl and Candace
    Devin and Abby

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    Spent everday this past week enjoying Matthew's smile and great personality! I will be so sad not to see him next July!

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    Anyone have any new/updated info?

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    Default matthew

    We just got back from a week at CTI and talked to Matthew a bunch. He is going, as stated, to the University of Northern Iowa, and he is still waiting for all of his papers/documents to be in order before he can go. So, he figures he may have a some of his classes to catch up on by the time he's cleared to go. The rugby connection is that he told us he had been on the Jamaican National Rugby team, playing in the Barbados (I believe), when he got scouted and recruited to play in the states. He doesn't really have experience playing football, but from the rugby playing, they could see his speed and size. So, he's taking the opportunity and excited about it as well, because both his mom and dad are in the states. That's the update I know. :-)
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    Anyone have anything new on this update?

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    my husband and I were just at CTI last week, he was there. I didn't know anything about the football, but, he is still at CTI

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    Hi -

    We live in Cedar Falls, and the University of Northern Iowa Panthers are our hometown college football team. Here's a link to the UNI football roster, and I don't see Matthew's name on it.


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    Just got back from CTI - Matthew will start at UNI in January 2011.

    He said his American football position would be in the defensive secondary. The positions he plays in rugby (fullback and winger, can't remember if it's left or right) are very comparable to the cornerback and safety positions in American football.

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    Default Matthew at UNI

    Hi Jagorham,

    Though I've never met Matthew, we'll look for him here at UNI.


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    Any new updates on him? Is he here in the states?

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    I was at CTI in April 2011. We left on the 21st, Matthew was still there and said he was leaving that upcoming Wednesday. My boyfriend and I have wondered if he finally made it to the states as well. He is a great guy!

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