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Thread: Cti 9/27-10/5

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    Default Cti 9/27-10/5

    We just cancelled our reservations at Breezes Runaway Bay and booked 8 nights at CTI....last minute stress!! So who's going to be there 9/27 -10/5????

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    Hey roxxstar My husband and I will be there Sept 27 also for 10 days. This will be our third trip home. We should meet up and we'll buy you a drink lol Where are you flying from?

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    Los Angeles...where are u guys from?

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    Have been to couples negril but never to tower isle....counting the days!!!

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    This must be the “island of misfit toys” thread. Are we September or October? We just don't fit in. We are Sept 28- Oct 5.

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    We will be coming home again sept 24 - oct 1. I think this is our third or fourth time at CTI . Been to the other Couples Resorts but we always return to CTI. Hope to see ya all there.

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    hey booyaka...are you japanese?... ; we are 9/27-10/5...and there is no charlie-in-the-box in this thread..

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    steelerhoney...what makes CTI better than CN?? we have never been to CTI b4...thanks

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    Hey, roxxstar, no, I am not Japanese but I have been to the Osaka airport for a layover once (that is pretty close to being Japanese).

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    Roxxstar---CTI just seems more relaxed. At Negril when you are on the beach the locals will bother you by going up and down the beach. Not saying that will not happen at CTI but the are on boats and they cannot really get to you. I have always found the guest at CTI seem to have more fun. I think you will really enjoy it.

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    hey roxxstar We are from the other side of the US. North Carolina!! My husband use to live in California as a child. We are getting so excited. Can't wait to get back home. We will arrive in Montego Bay at 11:40 on the 27 along with some friends from VA. Can't WAIT

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    So SteelerHoney Where are you coming home from? We Have Roxxstarr from California and B&B Carnett from NorthCarolina. Booyaka where you coming from. This could be interesting?

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    b & b we are heading down from Pittsburgh and arrive on the 24th look forward to meeting ya all

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    hey booyaka...u r a wiseguy,....i speak japanese but am not japanese nor turning japanese
    , so we will have lots to talk about ...genki des

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    hey b&b carnett, we dont get admitted into CTI till like 2-3pm...i think itza retro day that tuesday...I have a Tarot reading at 7pm

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    Domo arigato roxxstar. It is not that I am a wiseguy as much as I have a very very dry sense of humor. People don't know how to take me sometimes. No offense was meant by any of it.

    b&b, we are coming from Illinois.

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