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    Default How about drink coasters in the rooms?

    We were at CN for our fourth trip this past April. Returning again for #5 in April 2012. On the departure card, I left a suggestion about having disposable drink coasters available in the rooms. It sure would be a nice touch not to have wet rings from beverages in the room or on the patio table. Heck, they could have twisted palms printed on them. Would be kinda nice to have a few of these at home as well.


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    a tissue will do the trick and if you wish to be green place drink on book or magazine brought from home... bad enough there are a million straws all over the beach, coasters albeit touch nice adds minimal value

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    Great idea and surprised that they dont already have something like that!!

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    Another line of high end resorts I stayed at years ago did this with resort logo coasters and morons kept stealing them and so they stopped replacing them. Due to the what I call the 'moron factor' the only chance it would work is if the coasters were so plain and non-descript that no one would want them as a keepsake. Morons ruin lots of things. It is a great idea though!

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    I think they would either a) disappear or b) increase trash. We could bring our own, but we generally just use the small hand towels.

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    This might already be the case but my suggestion would be to sell sets of Couples Logo coasters in the gift shop. Then we could use them and take them home as a keepsake.
    I say this might already be the case because some resorts already do this. I have not looked around the gift shop at Couples enough to know if they are already available for sale there.

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    We bought a set of 4 wooden coasters in the gift shop at CN last April (using our resort credits) and used those in our room. At home we use them and it's a constant reminder of Couples. The only thing is, they have a palm tree etched into them but its not the Couples twisted palm.
    I would love to see Couples arrange with a local to have these made and sell them in all of the gift shops, I think it would be a big seller. No waste, no expense to Couples and a great souvenir!
    Can and bottle koozies would be another big seller too!

    Whatcha think Randymon!

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    I like the gift shop idea. I got a mouse pad with the twisted palms logo last trip to CSS. Coasters make of something more durable than cardboard would be cool.

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    They do have coasters in the gift shops. I use a wash cloth to absorb the moisture. I also agree about the straws on the beach and add to that cigarette butts. Sorry, that is just gross and unnecessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soonerfans View Post
    Great idea and surprised that they dont already have something like that!!
    because people would use them as free take homes.

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    We just use the thing they put on top of the new water glasses each day as coasters ......... But would love to have real coasters in the gift shop ...... the kind that soak up the condensation kind with the twisted palm logo .... would definitely buy them.

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