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    Default Vow Renewal for 07/07/2012!

    I just booked a vow renewal for the hubby and I for our 5 year anniversary for 07/07/2012 at CN! SO will be our first time in Jamaica!

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    Congratulations. We are having our vow renewal at CN December 5, 2011. Twenty-five years for us!

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    WE did our vow renewal there for our 25th. It was an amazing stress free event, even the rain stopped long enough for us to renew on the beach. You will be given an appointment to see the wedding co-ordinator, We picked the basics because they were beautiful enough. The cake is very good, the only thing is the leftovers don't make it back to your room (and I really was looking forward to eating that later) The planners are very good to work with.
    We also upgraded to a suite which we loved.
    Congrats to you both!


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    Congrats to you! My fiance and I will be getting married on June 26th, 2012! We both have not been to Jamainca either...I will try and get back on the thread shortly after to let you know of any last minute advice

    Best of luck!

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    CSA - May 2012
    CN - May 2013
    CSS - October 2013
    CSA - May 2016
    CSS - May 2017

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    My husband and I will renew our vows on 7/27/12.. 20 years.. Im starting to get a bit nervous. We didnt have a wedding the first time. We just went to the courthouse. Now Im wearing a gown (which I got at a great deal I might add). Im torn on whether I want to purchase the One Love or the Tropical Package.. The eye catcher for the Tropical is the Photography.. And thoughts or ideas on this? All would help a great deal..Thanks

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