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    Default "Beach front Suites" How many floors and how do you reserve them

    "Beach front Suites" How many floors and how do you reserve them

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    Beach Front Suites are in the original section of SweptAway (I'm assuming this is your resort of choice). These bungalo style buildings have four suites, two per floor, or three suites, one lower and two upper... those are the configurations. Notice I don't say "available configurations", to answer your second question... You don't reserve any of the suites at SweptAway, or at any of the Couples Resorts, for that matter.

    Its a fine point, to be sure, but Couples does not want to mislead or disappoint. You purchase your vacation time in one of the categories of suites, based on your amenity or location preference. Specific room requests can not logistically be entertained.

    I hope that helps...

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    Which resort?
    You can't "reserve" a particular room but you can "request" a particular floor and/or room at check in. Check out Randymons post on this. It's about the 7th one down on the main page.

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