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    Default Swimming in the ocean off the beach at the resort - CTI question

    We are considering a trip to CTI and want more information on swimming off the beaches. Can we swim off the main beach in the ocean at the resort? Can we walk into the water or are there a lot of shells, urchins and other painful things? The waters are so clean and pretty that we want to be able to get in and enjoy it a bit. If not at CTI, can anyone recommend another Couples Resort? Are there other ways to get out into swimmable areas by snorkling, etc? Thanks for your honest replies!

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    You can swim right off the beach. The sand is nice. Last time we were there they even had little plastic rafts you could swim out to.

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    You can swim and walk off the beach at CTI. The roped off area is mostly clear with a sandy bottom. Further out, there are areas where its deeper and there are urchins, but unless the water is really choppy and dirty, you should be able to see the bottom and work around them. I don't recall the water being shallow enough to walk there anyway.

    People have claimed swimming to the Island. I think its possible, but don't recommend it.

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    Rob-n-Reeb, The bottom of the ocean off of the CTI beach is sandy. They keep their beach immaculate and it extends right into the water. The only time I remember seeing any sea weed was after a nasty storm the previous night. No worries... You and your feet will be happy :0)

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