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    I have tried searching on the topic but did not find what I was looking for. Any help would be appreciated. This would be for CSS. We have seen many people making room recommendations and are wondering how to select a specific room? When looking at the registration online you can choose room type but I do not see how to choose location. ie. floor or block. Can this be done.

    K & E

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    Can't be done. You can only reserve room catagory. Once you arrive, you may request a room or floor but no guarantees.

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    No can do... you can specify a specific room category with your purchase, but that's the best you can do... and trust me, it won't matter. You'll love it!

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    This should answer your question:
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Near the top of the MB is a thread by Randymon entitled "Room Requests Not Available," which sets forth a policy precluding requests for specific rooms, floors, or buildings prior to arrival:

    "Greetings to all:

    "Please understand that we are unable accept any specific room, building, or floor requests in advance. Daily arrivals and departures prevent us from making any guarantees, and we do not want our guests starting your stay with us disappointed that a specific room, floor, or building has not been confirmed.

    "Not only are we trying to avoid your disappointment, but our front desk staff is taking too much unwarranted heat from arriving guests who are unwilling to accept "I'm sorry, but it is not available" for an answer.

    "We want your stay with us to be fantastic and memorable, AND we want our staff to look forward to the wonderful role they play everyday. As a result - and I am acknowledging that this will not stop the requests 100% - we will be rejecting and/or editing all future posts that appear to be requesting specific rooms, floors or buildings."
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    Ask when you get there! Honestly, they will do their best to get you the right room, I always ask to be on the second floor (my issue) and they have been fabulous with that

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