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    Default How to get out of the work rut.....schedule early up,,early to bed

    Due to be in San Souci in three weeks. Any suggestions how to break work schedule hours. I always stay on the same schedule while vacationing, and I just don't stay up late. How do you break that day to day schedule. I want enjoy ourselves some evening and stay up late...

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    Good luck, we have the same problem! This time we'll be aiming for a late afternoon nap and a later dinner so we can enjoy some of the evening entertainment. I figure the afternoon nap should help, will still be getting up on the earlier side of life most days but with enough alcohol and sun I'll be tuckered out by 4...hopefully we can nap, get revived and then enjoy the sunset at 6 and move on to a long evening!

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    Nap on the beach in the afternoon! Red Bull in the evening! That's my plan, I'm not a night owl, so I'll need the extra energy! Enjoy your trip!

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    hahaha, wish I knew. We can't seem to stay up and always end up getting up early. No worries, resorts are pretty quiet in the evening. They aren't "party central". We are proud of the fact that we were able to stay up for Casino Night this last trip to CTI.

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    Sorry cant help you.. I've worked graveyard shift and have for 13 yrs. I look forward to sleeping at night. However, I still have enough juice in me to go to into the night, but 1 or 2 is bout the latest CN goes anyway. I really doubt youll have any trouble changing your schedule. Once you get there, you will realize that this is a true vacation. You have NO schedule, food and drinks are always open, the beach is within walking distance, the pool is too. The best thing about vacation is, dont worry about work schedules, sleep schedules, etc. Anything goes. Your new friends will still be there when you crawl outta bed and make your way to the pool/beach. . We absolutely loved this place....Take naps!!! Enjoy your trip. Dont sweat the small stuff.

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    I have found that we gradually wake up later throughout the week and thus are able to stay up a little later as time goes on. If there is one evening where you really want to stay up, try taking an afternoon nap...especially if it rains.

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    I've found that my sleeping patterns totally change in Jamaica. Where I sleep in at home on the weekends, I find myself getting up early...totally naturally...when in Jamaica!

    Not really sure what you can do to break your patterns...perhaps take a nap during the day????

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    We have the same problem
    Our solution is to pick days that we are going to stay out late
    We come in early in the afternoon, eat snack (using nachos from the dine in menu) and then take a nap.
    Sometimes it turns out to be a "nap" (wink wink) but that is OK too.

    We find by doing this and then eating at the late seating at Casanova (we usually do 8:30) we are still up and ready for Showtime and then fun at the Beach bar, or sing along in the Balloon bar, or even occasionally Bob Marley shots.

    The next day we take it easy and try to sleep in.

    Hope this works for you

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    Try napping on a hammock during the day

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    Give it a couple days. We have crazy schedules too and it always takes us 2-3 days to completely unwind.

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    I tend to do the same thing. Some things that have worked best--
    Eat a snack (or at CSS have one delivered) around 5-6 and take a shower or bath to get all the beach/pool off. Either nap or lay down for a couple of hours. Then go to dinner or your reservation that you made for later-8:30 or 9:00 pmish. This puts you automatically awake longer and by the time you finish dinner the night time entertainment would have started. The hardest part for me is if we have down time between dinner and going back out...Never seem to make it back out! I usually still wake up early, but I enjoy the naps!

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    This is a 'body clock' thing. If I took a one week vacation it would be the same for me and I can concur that it is very irritating! Maybe consider a two week break, or 10 days perhaps? After 5 days the strength begins to return and relaxation becomes easy!

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    You will be surprised how fast you will adapt to the laid back way of life down there. Take advantage of the early mornings. Have the contentinental breakfast delivered to your room, enjoy it on your balcony watching the sunrise, take a walk around the grounds and meet the great group of groundskeepers making the resort beautiful. By day 2-3 after being in the sun all day, the afternoon sun induces the afternoon nap, and voila, you can stay up a lot later and enjoy the great night life that each resort offers.

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    Here's what I've done...and with reasonable success. I get up early just as usual, have a good breakfast and then go about doing the things I (<ahem> We) want to do. After lunch and in the heat of the day (mid-afternoon-ish), I'll go take a nice relaxing nap for an hour or so (hammock in the shade or in the room). That typically knocks the "I'm tired" edge so I'm able to stay up a bit later than normal. I'll also have afternoon coffee or something highly caffeinated to help postpone "the sleepies".

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    Naps work for us. I still get up early to work out while I let my husband sleep. I do not enjoy sleeping in and he does so it works for us.

    We are up til 11 or 12 and like to have dinner late, so that helps as well.

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    We stay on our "early to bed, early to rise" schedule. We love the daytime activities, so that is where we spend our energy. My favorite? 2 breakfasts. Yup - living large!!! We have room service bring us the early light breakfast (fantastic banana bread, cold cerial, yogurt, etc.) at 6:30 a.m. After a quck bite, I run CN>CSA>CN (5 mile round trip). Then we go to the breakfast buffet. We work hard, play hard, then usually in bed before 10:00 p.m. (note" "work hard/play hard" is certainly tempered with plenty of beach relaxation a liberal cocktails!).

    HAVE FUN!!!

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    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I will try a little of each, especially the naps...wink wink. Only 9 more days. I also plan on getting off of schedule before I get there. Maybe vacation before vacation....Almost home

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