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    Default Too much confusion...

    My husband and I have booked CSS from December 13 to 20 and we plan to renew our wedding vows! I have been reading the posts and now I am wondering if we have made the right room selection. We selected the 1B Beachfront because of the jacuzzi and proximity to the beach. Unfortunately, some of the reviews that I have been reading state that the rooms and views are not all that great and that the rooms higher up are bigger, more private and have better views. The jacuzzi is really important to my husband - we almost always stay in a jacuzzi suite wherever we travel so I am conflicted. Are there any other room classes that offer the jacuzzi but offer a better view? The hibiscus cottage is already booked, which was my first choice...

    Any comments would be appreciated!

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    We stayed in a one bedroom jacizzi suite in March of this year and it was perfect. By far the best location on the resort, beautiful suite and that is now the only room we would stay in at CSS!

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    Don't get confused. There are NO BAD rooms. It i just that soem people prefer one over the other. You will be happy with what yo have...

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    hi - we're trying CSS for the first time in October. We also booked that room ... I can let you know how it goes for us ... we're beach junkies so I'm hoping it's the right choice for us. We usually get the Bchfront suite in Negril, so we wanted something somewhat similar ... congratulations!!

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    We stayed in a 1 br. jacuzzi suite and it was great!
    Here's a link to our pictures. We were on the second floor of A Block, room A-18. The location was great!

    No worries!

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    We were at CSS July 27 - August 11, married on the 4th August (so sad to be home and back at work )

    We were in G Block (room G15a) which is at the top of the resort and alot of steps from the beach, however the view was probably the best in the resort. We could see more or less the whole hotel grounds and the full sun set from our HUGE balcony (at least 4 times the size as beach front suites) every night.

    Everyones opinion is different though, the beachfront suites are brilliant if you want to be a stonesthrow from the beach/watersports etc, however the further up the blocks you go the better the views (plus you get to walk off all the gorgeous food you have just eaten). if you are in A or B block and you have a ground floor room then alot of people will walk past you when you are sitting on your mini terrace.

    The whole hotel though, regardless of room type, is beautiful and we cant wait to go back (however a lot of saving required and patience for the 9 hour direct flight from the UK).

    You have made the right choice picking CSS, ans as said above, the room choice is all about opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristietimw View Post
    hi - we're trying CSS for the first time in October. We also booked that room ... I can let you know how it goes for us ... we're beach junkies so I'm hoping it's the right choice for us. We usually get the Bchfront suite in Negril, so we wanted something somewhat similar ... congratulations!!
    krisite- CSS is a wonderful resort very different from CN is you are a beach junkie start managing your expectation NOW. If you plan on using the textile beach and compare it to negrils beaches you will be disappointed. ( so dont compare lol)
    We stayed on SSB our entire trip which was great.. i am not sure if i was a textile beach person if CSS would be my first choice in the couples chain

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    We stayed in a 1 bdroom with balcony in 08, we are hoping to return in 10, and we are battling with this same issue, and we saw all the rooms!!!! We were there with a large group in 08 and did a tour of everyone's rooms one morning.

    Here are the pro's and con's, and why we still are having a hard time deciding.

    The Beachfront rooms with jacuzzi are by far the best location for ease of getting around with little difficulty. Logistically the best location that is. They are nice rooms, they have a jacuzzi..........

    The 1 bdroom with balcony are true suites, there is a separate bedroom and bath area and a separate living room type area, the big plus to these rooms are the extra large balconies. They have either a double chaise or two chaise loungers and a table and chairs. The downfall to this is the stairs, these rooms are located in various blocks on the cliffs. We were in G block in 08 as high up as you could get, but you know what we felt we had the best room out of all the couples. We would stop every evening on our way back "up" at the Balloon Bar for a nitecap, and stop at the internet cafe to check our E-mail.

    It is really a tough decision, but let me assure you as others have there is no "bad" decision, it is just deciding what is best for you. If you do not mind stairs go for the 1 bdroom/bal, if stairs are an issue for you go for the beachfront.

    My husband just told me he is not giving up his balcony, so I guess our decision has just been We fell asleep out there one night with a bottle of wine listening to the tree frogs.

    Good luck deciding, have fun, you can't help but love CSS.
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    We stayed in the beachfront jacuzzi suite in January. The view was very nice from the second floor (we were in the B block). We could see the beach and Caribbean clearly. However, I'm sure the view is even more spectacular from up on the cliffs. If you are looking for a better view but want the jacuzzi, maybe request a 2nd or 3rd floor beachfront room.

    We used the jacuzzi a lot. It was a treat, and did not take a long time to fill with water (maybe 5 minutes). We also liked the beach location since we spend almost all day on the beach. It was also close to Palazzina and Bella Vista.

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    Stick with what you've got. You'll love it! We stayed in a One Bedroom up in the cliffs but if we ever go back we'd get the jacuzzi suite in Building A or B. They are very nice, and for us, the perfect location close to the beach. I'd be happy to send you the map of CSS if that would help you picture the layout of the resort (
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    Mzambo, not all the one bedroom suites have large balconies. I thought that when I booked last year and was a little disappointed with our smaller balcony. We were in the D block, and our balcony only had a small table and chair on it. I asked at the front desk thinking maybe we were in the wrong room type, and they said not all have large balconies. We didn't move because the location was perfect- have the view, and was the closest to the beach.

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    If I remember correctly, the beachfront suites are usually toward the higher end of the pricing (though they're all very close, usuall), so if you keep the reservation you have, you could probably take a look at other available rooms and change after arrival (presuming they're not at capacity). We actually changed to a substantially smaller room last year by choice and had to sign a little paper saying we were voluntarily downgrading (though I think the prices had actually flipped since our booking).

    As others have said, there aren't any bad rooms, really, but it's a matter of personal choice. We've stayed in a beachfront room and found it quite lovely, and last year the first room we were given was also lovely, but we preferred the location and the views of the smaller room, hence the change.

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    Hello Amy! We are heading to CSS on Aug. 25th! Would it be possible for you to email me a copy of that map? We have booked a one bedroom ofront suite, so I'd like to get my bearings and possibly request a special room, if possible! Please email it to:
    Thank you so much!

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    We were there July 31 - Aug 7th and stayed in a beach front jacuzzi suite. We were in A8, ground floor. We LOVED it...right in front of the main pool. And directly in front of the ocean. We were towards the outside edge of the resort, so it was a nice walk to the other areas. When we go back we'll request the same room or one close to it.

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    I'm really surprised at that, we had a large group and toured everyone's rooms, the Verandah rooms had smaller balconies, but everyone who had a 1 bdrm w/balcony in our group had the large balcony. THAT would seriously bum me out.

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    Default confused on which resort to choose

    My husband and i are coming to jamaica in december and we are having a hard time on deciding which resort to choose. we are scuba divers and love the beach and outside activities we like the beach front rooms with a nice balcony so any suggestions on which rooms would be greatly appreciated thanks

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    Mzambo, I was. Almost asked for a different room, but the location was perfect. It still had the view, and was on the second floor, right at the top of the stairs, in D block. With my SO's breathing problems, it worked out best, so we decided not to ask for a different room. Now I see the descrition says "some have large balconies".

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    We also stayed in the beachfront suites and loved it..the proximity to the main pool and swim up bar, as well as the ocean were perfect. We'll request that same room or one close to it next year!

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