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    Default CTI 3/29-4/5 first time!

    I am so excited to visit CTI for the first time! We would love any suggestions from anyone. Is anyone else going to be there at the same time as us?

    Jon & Tricia

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    We will be at CTI March 30 -April 6. Have you been to Jamaica before?

    Rachelle and Daryl

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    we will be going for the first time too! We are arriving 3/28-4/2. Hope to see you! I've done lots of researching I'm so excited!!

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    This will be our first time to Jamaica, so we're excited! We were thinking of doing a tour of Jamaica, but I'm a bit nervous from some of the things I've heard. Would love to visit a few places off the resort, but I'm a bit more worried about safety than what my husband is. He thinks will be fine.

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    I'm getting really excited for our trip! I've researched and researched, so I hope we picked a great resort. I've read soooo many reviews that I gave myself a headache! My husband said I had OCD about checking all the reviews! What type of room did you book? We booked a deluxe ocean room.

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    Anyone whos there from the 3rd to the 10 email me at benkart11111 at gmail - we can swap some pics, say hi, and hopefully meet up at the resort!

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