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Thread: 5 days!!!!!

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    Default 5 days!!!!!

    Holy cow!!! Our dream wedding is taking place in only 5 days at CSA!!!! I've been counting down since 574 days (or something like that) . I will be sure to post photos as soon as we return. We plan on doing the deluxe package with the 36 photos and dvd of the ceremony.
    Any last minute tips?

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    Can't wait to see your photos, my proffessional photos should be arriving today! the only tip I have is relax and enjoy every minute of your wedding and your time in Jamaica it goes fast!

    Have a great wedding Ash

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    We are shortly behind you!
    Post pictures! I know you will be a BEAUTIFUL bride!

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    I'm so excited for you!! Post obscene amount of pictures!!

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    Have a great wedding... we just returned from getting married at CSA 2 weeks ago. We went with Stacey clarke but had engagement sunset pictures with Cecil and he was amazing. Be relieved We got 100 pictures for $250.00. Great deal.

    some of these photo's we took having can tell the difference LOL.

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    Ash - you are probably on your way to Jamaica right now. Have an amazing trip and wedding can't wait to read all about it!!!!!!!!

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    wow! Congrats I know it will be great, I cant wait for my turn. I look forward to the pic

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