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    Default Catamaran Cruise at CSA

    Hello, I was curious whether or not the catamaran cruise at CSA actually STOPS off at Rick's Cafe for a bit or do you have to book a separate excursion for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are leaving next Wed Aug 10th. Ya mon, can't wait!!!!

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    You need to book a separate excursion to Rick's. The cruise basically goes as far as the Negril Lighthouse (just beyond Rick's), turns around and may pause at Rick's for a few minutes, but there really is no place to moor. The cat then goes back to what has been known over the years as St. Joseph's Cave, Pirate's Cove, Pirate's Cave, and most recently PushCart and Rockhouse, where you can jump in and explore. This used to be a jump point for tourists, who could climb a blow hole to the top of the cliff, buy a drink and then jump into the lagoon below. However, the lawyers discovered Jamaica a couple years back, and the liability put the kaibash to all that. The only remaining jump point is Rick's (if that's your thing).

    Time was, SweptAway offered a bus to Rick's, but no longer do so. This is between the resorts and the bars, and there appears to have been a few contractual issues, so that excursion no longer happens (at least not to Rick's). For a few years now, a call to Rick's would get you a free cab ride there, but you'd be on your own dime to get back to the resort.

    My suggestion is to contact the tour desk (in the Great House) or the concierge (in the Main Lobby) to arrange your way there and back.


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    The catamaran did not stop at ricks when we took the crusie last week. We did however stop to swim in the caves. It is great fun for sure!

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    You won't be stopping at Rick's on the cruise. You will see Ricks from the boat but they take you past Rick's and then to a cove where you can get off & swim to the caves. You'll have to get to Rick's by cab.

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    Back in April, we asked at the tour desk and they got us a cab for 15 dollars per person round trip. We stayed a couple of hours and ha a couple of pricey Red Stripes and watched the sunset. They have bands also. It's very touristy but a cool place to see.

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