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    Hi everyone. My fiancee and I are planning on going early next month. We are leaning towards Negril. I have a few questions I was wondering if you could help me with.

    1)Does every room have a minibar?
    2)What is the average age of guests?
    3)What type of room would one recommend?

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    We need a little more help on your question... which resort are you visiting?

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    I think they all have Mini Bars now
    Differnet every week, all depends on who is there
    They are all good, get the one that most fits your budget

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotchdonuts View Post
    1)Does every room have a minibar? All of the rooms at CN do. But at CSA, only the Verandah and Beachfront Suites have them.
    2)What is the average age of guests? Early 20s to late 70s. Seriously, age is just a number at Couples.
    3)What type of room would one recommend? One thing we've learned over the years is that we don't spend much time in the room at all. So for us, location is more important than size.
    We've been to all of the Couples and one thing is for certain - you won't be disappointed with any of them!
    Hope this helps!
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    1. yes
    2. different every week 20's to 70's
    3. Garden View Building #1, 2 OR 3
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    Are you asking about Couples Negril or Swept Away which is also in Negril? In either case, get the best room you can manage with, preferably Beachfront...
    The average ages vary depending on the time of year but there are usually people of all ages from couples in their 20's on Honeymoons to those in their 60's celebrating anniversaries etc.

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    Every room has a minibar. You see people of all ages. Month of June seems to have a lot of young newlyweds but there is a wide range of ages. You can always find plenty of great people to hang with. we have stayed in the beachfront rooms and found they were exactly like the gardenview so now we book gardenview and save a little money. EVERYTHING is good at Couples Negril. EVERYTHING!

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    We are wedding at CSA in November. Sorry I can't comment because this is my first trip but I hope you have a blast!!!!

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    1)Does every room have a minibar?

    2)What is the average age of guests?
    You'll find guests between 18 and 75 with many being between 35 to 45.
    BUT remember one thing. AGE is simply a number in Jamaica and everyone comes together in friendship.

    3)What type of room would one recommend?
    Pick one. There isn't a bad one on the resort.

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    Negril is the place to be, we have seen the North Coast but always end up where we started.. We have been back to CSA 3 times in the past 2 years and will headed back there again in September! While I have to say I think all of the Couples resorts are awesome from what I have seen of them we will always go with CSA mainly because of the beach which of course goes for miles.. To answer your questions:

    1)I think the only rooms that have mini bars are Verandah rooms and maybe the Beach Suites. Typically you can get booze almost all the time, but I do like to mix a drink before dinner..or breakfast on vacation and it being included makes it very nice.

    2)The ages vary from 18-81, although most you will see will be in the middle of that.

    3)Any room is absolutely wonderful, if you need a TV go for the Verandah suite, if you like to see the beach from your room go for a Beachfront Verandah if you could care less and won't spend much time there just go for the Garden Suite, even they are wonderful!

    Thought there was another question here initially... Not to worry I guess, the KIND folks in Jamaica will answer any of your other questions when you get there. ;-)

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    1) Yes, every room at Couples Negril has a minibar.

    2) There is a wide variety - we saw couples that didn't look much older than 20 and couples that looked to be in their 70s.

    3) Depends on what you want out of your room! If you want to be right near the beach and have a personal hammock, you want one of the beachfront suites (keeping in mind that at Couples Negril the buildings are laid out in U shapes around center gardens, so the "beachfront" rooms aren't directly on the beach: they're just the closest to the beach/ocean). If you think you'll be just using the room as a place to sleep and shower, you'll do fine with a Deluxe Garden room. We had a Deluxe Garden for our honeymoon and found it perfectly fine, as we wound up spending about 85% of our time out of our room.

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    You weren't exactly clear as to which resort in Negril you are looking into. If it is Couples Negril (and not Swept Away), then yes, all rooms have mini-bars.

    Age is not an issue at any of the Couples resorts. I wouldn't be concerned with that.

    I would suggest getting a standard garden view room. You aren't in the room that much and if it means you could stay a few extra days, I'd do that over upgrading. The rooms really are all the same with the exception of the suites. The only difference if the building or floor.
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    Default thanx

    Thank you all for replying. It was CN I had been referring to. I was surprised to hear that some CSA rooms didn't have mini bars. We would certainly require one.

    Would anyone suggest leaving at night to any local night life bars/restaurants other than the ones offered by the resort? Where does everyone go after dinner at CN? We are interested in meeting new couples to enjoy nightly entertainment and to have a few glasses of wine.


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