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    Default Probably a stupid question.

    Like the title says, this is probably a stupid question, but how does Couples know if you're a returning guest? My husband and I went to Couples on our honeymoon, so I was there under my maiden name, and we never got around to adding those days to our Romance Rewards card. Oops. We'll be going back to Couples next year (different resort, we went to CN on our honeymoon and are going to CSA next time) and we'd like to go to the repeater's dinner or spend a day at CN

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    Let the check in folks know that you are a repeat guest. Probably not much beyond the repeater's dinner in it for you, but its worth that.

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    email them to update your name information on the romance rewards database. It is there that your history is kept!!!

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    Did you sign up for the Romance Rewards? This will get you the Trading Places. Then when you arrive, just tell them you were at CN for your honeymoon so you can get the repeaters dinner.

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    You need to sign up for romance rewards.

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    There are no stupid questions on this message board. (other then "what is the best all inclusive in Jamaica?" - that would be a stupid question)

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